Board of Directors Meeting - 27 January 2011

PRESENT: John Eichholz, Dan Gillotte, Travis Hance, Jane Harter, Alysen Land and Doug Walter

ABSENT: Deirdrie Lang

STAFF: Bella Waters

1. The meeting was called to order at 2:03 p.m. (CDT) by Dan Gillotte
2. The agenda was approved with the addition of time to talk about Central Corridor’s discussion about CGIN
3. Minutes of the meeting of 16 December 2010:
M/S: Jane/John: approve the minutes

Central Corridor discussion (agenda addition). Dan reported on CGIN related discussions that occurred at the Central Corridor meeting. Alysen received questions on why CGIN remains independent from NCGA and why the increase in cost. One member was unhappy about the membership dues change. Dan has requested that the board consider actively engaging with corridors when the opportunities arise. Further discussion on this will be listed on the Feb/Mar CGIN board agenda.
Operations report. The board reviewed the operations report briefly and asked specific questions:

  • Advisory committee: with increased board meetings, board members will have more engagement opportunities to offer advice on CGIN operations.
  • Membership: 23 members have renewed, which doubles the number from the writing of the report. Board should consider steps to take for co-ops not willing to pay full amount.
  • Web content and services: online forum will be similar to NCGA’s discussion boards. Current listserve server is located in Portland, OR and will be moved to Minneapolis, MN.
  • Web support services: Bella provided clarification on each web support organizations role with CGIN.

M/S John/Doug: move to approve amended proposal from Web Geeks for Hire.

  • Updated on current strategic priorities: Jane and Bella voiced their disappointment of the new listserves status. Bella has given Web Geeks a week to correct issues with the listserve subscription system and will then publically advertise the new listserves.
  • CCMA preparation: thanks to the following board members for agreeing to be on the following committees:
    Strategic Planning Session Committee: Doug, Jane, Dan and Bella
    Annual Meeting Committee: Deirdrie, Travis and Bella
  • Cooperative Fund of New England: Bella will contact CFNE to request a compelling reason for the board to provide an interpretation of the current policies to allow their contractors/board members access to the entire CGIN site. Bella will also contact Marilyn to determine how CDS Consulting Co-op uses the CGIN resources and potentially other associate members to help the board make a decision regarding Associate member access to CGIN.

Alysen and Travis make up the Nominating committee for 2011. Dan will run for office and Alysen will not. Schedule is workable and all directors are encouraged to pass along potential candidates to the committee, especially Western Corridor Designated Representative ideas.

No action will be taken by CGIN regarding these discussions.

The board agreed to sell the Discussion Course manuals via the CGIN site. Jane and Bella will work out details.

The Board agreed to the following schedule, though the February meeting might need to be rescheduled:
17 February at 10am Pacific (12pm Central; 1pm Eastern)
17 March at 10am Pacific (12pm Central; 1pm Eastern)
14 April at 10am Pacific (12pm Central; 1pm Eastern)
19 May at 10am Pacific (12pm Central; 1pm Eastern)

Next meeting:
February 17th at 10am Pacific (12pm Central; 1pm Eastern)

Meeting ended 2:57 p.m. Central
Minutes by Bella Waters

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