Credit Unions Seek Senate Support

Urge your senators to listen to the credit unions -- the ones with the plan for helping small business and our nation's economic recovery. That’s the message from the CEO of the Credit Union National Association (CUNA), Bill Cheney, which represents about 90 percent of U.S. credit unions.

Credit unions are democratically owned financial cooperatives that have been restricted from their historic business lending capacity. S.2231, the Credit Union Small Business Jobs act, will help strengthen small businesses and a financially sound lending source.

The American Bankers Association is opposed, of course, even though small business lending has shriveled despite many billions of dollars being poured into private banks by their allies in the federal government. Last year commercial bank loans to business declined by 2 percent while credit union business loans grew by 5 percent.

Tell your Senator to support S.2231, which expands the ability of credit unions to offer business loans in their communities. Full text of the message from CUNA’s Bill Cheney.

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