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The National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NSAC) continues to provide current and complete information on the Farm Bill as it moves through Congress: This massive piece of legislation determines everything from commodity payments to support for conservation, beginning farmer programs, organic agriculture research, SNAP (food stamp) funding, and more. The House Agriculture Committee approved its version on July 12, but many program and funding details will be debated and altered over the coming weeks.

Pro-agribusiness riders also often get introduced to the legislation at a late stage in the process where proponents hope their special favors will not get as much scrutiny. For example, the House Ag Committee version includes a provision that would significantly weaken environmental review of the experimental use of genetically modified crops.

NSAC, a nonprofit and broad coalition of local and regional organizations, is our leading voice for reforming the Farm Bill in support of conservation programs, sustainable production, and organics. The NSAC website is a thorough and easy to navigate guide to the many crucial food and farm issues that are shaped by the legislation. Advocates for cleaner agriculture can stay well informed and positioned to mobilize the voices of their constituents by subscribing to the Farm Bill blog from NSAC.

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