Food For Change Movie Needs Co-op Support

montague coop photo

More than 30 co-ops in 18 states have contributed to a unique film documentary about food co-ops, local economies, and food security. Food For Change is a work in progress that focuses on the role food co-ops play in communities and gives historical background by examining the growth of co-ops during the 1930s and the 1970s.

Filmmaker and co-op member Steve Alves began the project with support from Franklin Community Co-op in Massachusetts, and subsequently it has garnered support from co-ops across the country. Nearly $90,000 has been raised for Food For Change, about three-fourths of the projected total needed in order for the production to be completed.

Clips from the movie, a list of co-op contributors, and testimony from co-op managers strongly supporting the documentary project can be viewed at

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