Small Farms Create More Jobs

Gene Logsdon is a wise and delightful writer on food and farming. Author of “The Contrary Farmer” essay collection, he also maintains a website under that name:

Logsdon is well known in the sustainable agriculture community, but less so among the general public. His blog entry of September 14, “Small Farms Create More Jobs” is an excellent example of his plainspoken but acute commentary. This latest column points out that modern industry agriculture is both grossly inefficient when all factors are considered as well as grossly destructive of farming that creates jobs and community.

It's a valuable presentation, helpful in reminding us of why we work to revive local agriculture, and illustrating how to counter arguments that only industrial agriculture can support our food needs.

In his fine followup "The Contrary Farmer" column of October 12, "Pope Mary and the New Wave of Food Hubs," Logsdon gives a report that embraces with joy the conversion of churchyards to community gardens.

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