Supporting the Bowers Fund and Co-op Emergency Fund

Thanks to food co-ops for your support of the Cooperative Development Foundation (CDF) Howard Bowers Fund in 2010!  Education and training are essential for thriving co-ops, and the Bowers Fund gives grants for the training and education of staff, management, and boards of food co-ops in the U.S.

Your contributions in 2010 made it possible to significantly increase the Fund's endowment and to commit $19,817 in grants: $11,947 for scholarships to the CCMA conference, $5,000 to Keystone Development Center for a regional food co-op startup conference, $1,000 each to Fort Collins Food Cooperative and Squash Blossom Food Cooperative for board training, and $870 to Common Ground for board training. 

Nearly $10,000 will be given in early 2011 to new and about-to-open food co-ops as a result of participation in Howard Bowers Day 2010.  This was the third-highest amount raised through Howard Bowers Day and the second-largest number of co-ops participating since the first Howard Bowers Day in 1998. 

 The Cooperative Development Foundation also thanks you for your contributions to its Co-op Emergency Fund. Food co-ops contributed 68 percent of the nearly $74,000 that was raised to help cooperators and cooperatives in Haiti. This money was granted to cooperative development organizations to help Haiti rebuild its credit unions, co-op electric infrastructure, farming co-ops, and small businesses. 

 CDF looks forward to seeing you in June at CCMA in San Diego at some fun fundraising events for the Bowers Fund. 

In addition, CCMA is where the awards are given for Cooperative Excellence, Cooperative Service, Cooperative Innovation/Achievement, and Cooperative Board Service. For more information on CDF, the Bowers Fund and the awards, or for an award nomination form, contact Ellen Quinn, [email protected] or 703-302-8094. 

—Ellen Quinn

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