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Dave Gutknecht has been editor of Cooperative Grocer magazine since its founding in 1985.

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The year 2012 marks a new stage in the history of this magazine, one that will lead to improvements in web-based services for food co-ops.

161 July - August - 2012 August 7, 2012

A fascinating and detailed look at the impact of food co-ops has just been released by the National Cooperative Grocers

Endcap Articles August 6, 2012

A new article, subtitled "Building the right kind of autonomy," provides an excellent overview of what cooperatives can offer a world that is in economic crisis.

Endcap Articles August 4, 2012

Urge your senators to listen to the credit unions -- the ones with the plan for helping small business and our nation's economic recovery.

Endcap Articles July 20, 2012

The National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NSAC) continues to provide current and complete information on the Farm Bill as it moves through Congress:

Endcap Articles July 14, 2012

The International Year of Cooperatives continues to remind us that cooperatives are a global movement of great impact and even greater potential.

160 May - June - 2012 June 4, 2012

Canada’s co-ops certainly are leaders in North American cooperative circles. One-third of all its citizens are members of one of Canada’s credit unions.

Endcap Articles May 31, 2012

Many readers of this site will recognize Bill Gessner’s name from his many past contributions to food co-ops, both through Cooperative Grocer and directly at scores of co-ops where he has given bot

Endcap Articles May 8, 2012

Alongside many new cooperatives that are springing up, established food co-ops continue to evolve and deepen their community roots.

159 March - April - 2012 April 9, 2012

Growth in fresh food sales – and “fresh packaged” – is at the heart of recent comments from the Hartman Group, a leading analyst of the natural/organic grocery industry whose research has influence

Endcap Articles March 25, 2012

A new publication presents a dossier on U.S. worker-owned and consumer co-ops in the U.S.

Endcap Articles March 8, 2012

Cooperative Enterprises Build a Better World." The International Year of Cooperatives is underway, after being officially launched in late October at the United Nations.

158 January - February - 2012 January 18, 2012

The Occupy movement in the U.S. (there also are international manifestations) is one of the more encouraging recent developments in the present political environment.

158 January - February - 2012 January 18, 2012

Spreading inspiring co-op stories. Developing more co-ops to serve more people.

157 November - December - 2011 November 17, 2011

Cooperators in the U.S.

157 November - December - 2011 November 17, 2011

The campaign to require labeling of foods produced with genetic engineering is more powerful than ever.

Endcap Articles October 10, 2011

Declaring 2012 the International Year of Cooperatives received a rare unanimous vote from the UN General Assembly.

156 September - October - 2011 October 5, 2011

Gene Logsdon is a wise and delightful writer on food and farming.

Endcap Articles September 14, 2011

High spirits and stimulating conversations marked the 55th annual Consumer Cooperative Management Association (CCMA) conference in San Diego June 16–18.

155 July - August - 2011 August 28, 2011

In June, I was inspired once again by the annual CCMA conference of food co-op leaders, summarized elsewhere in these pages.

155 July - August - 2011 August 28, 2011