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Dave Gutknecht has been editor of Cooperative Grocer magazine since its founding in 1985.

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Updating the story on food safety legislation.

Endcap Articles January 5, 2011

Tom Philpot at Grist, www.grist.org, continues to contribute excellent reporting on food and pharm corporations.

Endcap Articles December 13, 2010

Securing adequate capital from members as well as external sources is a primary ­cooperative challenge.

151 November - December 2010 December 8, 2010

I remember learning balance sheet basics at some of my earliest co-op meetings. "A = L + C" was written for all to see, then explained again and again: Assets = Liabilities + Capital.

151 November - December 2010 December 8, 2010

[“Rootstock” Part 3: 2009, unpublished]

Endcap Articles November 20, 2010

[Originally published in "RootStock," Spring-Summer 2009]

Endcap Articles November 20, 2010

Animal response to fire typically is described as fear and flight. Yet I have noticed many times that the smell of seasoned oak in a wood-burning stove is so savory that it makes my mouth water.

Endcap Articles November 12, 2010

Adding to the earlier version of this story: National Sustainable Agriculture Committee has released a new report on food safety: “A Sustainable Agriculture Perspective on Food Safety.”

Endcap Articles October 25, 2010

[First published 2008 in Organic Valley's Rootstock.]

Click here for Part 2.

Endcap Articles October 7, 2010

While completing its 35th year of advancing cooperative enterprise, the Cooperative Fund of New England (CFNE) is extending loans at a record pace.

150 September - October 2010 October 5, 2010

The risk of salmonella poisoning at poultry operations with atrocious practices led to a massive egg recall totaling over 500 million eggs and reaching more than 22 states.  It is driving consumers

Endcap Articles September 5, 2010

An noteworthy article by Anna Lappe, Three Pillars of a Food Revolution appeared recently in Yes! magazine.

Endcap Articles September 5, 2010

Here is a quote, from David Orr’s book Down to the Wire, which captures the scope of what we need to be doing to build the transition to a more resilient and possibly sustainable society:

“Every increase in local capacity to grow food, generate energy, repair,

Endcap Articles September 5, 2010

Welcome to a new era, one of expanded possibilities for cooperatives as well as overall economic decline. Readers will be familiar with this message, even if resisting its conclusions.

136 may - june - 2008 July 20, 2010

Annual milestones and awards of recognition are noted here, with some food co-ops in year one and others now at age 40.

149 July - August - 2010* July 15, 2010

Surrounded by the rolling hills of southern Indiana, some 360 co-op board members, managers, staff, trainers and others attended the 2010 Consumer Cooperative Management Association (

149 July - August - 2010* July 15, 2010

Spend most earnings now, or invest more in the future—what is the proper balance? We can see, in the current financial mess, some consequences of imbalance.

148 May - June - 2010 June 4, 2010

As shown again in this issue, food co-ops operate in the crosscurrents of dynamic local revival and deep national problems: Slow Food and junk food. Slow Money and accelerating debt.

147 March - April - 2010 March 22, 2010

During 1990, long-standing but little noticed regulatory threats to member labor and member loan programs were carried out against cooperatives.

032 January - February - 1991 January 26, 2010

Although cooperatives have pioneered in building organics and local food production, we have a long way to go before we’ll know what a sustainable food system looks like.

144 September - October - 2009 January 5, 2010