Ellen Michel

Bloomingfoods Co-op

Ellen Michel has been marketing and outreach manager at Bloomingfoods Co-op in Bloomington, Indiana, since 2001. She currently serves on the boards of the Indiana Cooperative Development Center and the Local Growers Guild of Southern and Central Indiana.

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As we go to press, Cooperative Grocer Network is about to launch a new iteration of its website. Let’s take a look at its main features.

180 Sept-Oct 2015 November 13, 2015

Cooperative Grocer Network (CGN) has always been about connection and engagement.

179 July-August 2015 September 3, 2015

 If your co-op has been active on CGN, you know that we rely on Account Managers as the gatekeepers and CGN connectors at their stores.

January 20, 2015

As food co-ops have visible impact in their communities, more and more people are involved in the effort of bringing a co-op to the place where they live.

172 May-June 2014 May 29, 2014

As the first certified-organic retailer in Minnesota, Wedge Co-op has long been known for its commitment to organic crop production and retail handling systems.

168 September-October 2013 October 14, 2013

"There are no marketing emergencies,” Jeanne Lakso announced decisively at Marketing Matters 2013, the National Cooperative Grocers’ Association (NCGA) conference she helps design on topics relevan

167 July-August 2013 August 22, 2013

As hosts of the annual "Up and Coming, Up and Running Food Co-op Conference," participants from Bloomingfoods Market and Deli Cooperative (Bloomington, Ind.) are keenly aware of the many challenges

166 May-June 2013 June 3, 2013

Marketing Matters, the annual conference organized by the National Cooperative Grocers Association (NCGA) marketing team, focuses on brand management and development among food co-ops across the co

161 July - August - 2012 August 7, 2012

The third annual "Up and Coming, Up and Running" food co-op startup conference took place in Bloomington, Ind., on March 8–10, 2012.

160 May - June - 2012 June 4, 2012

It's 5:00 p.m. on the first Friday night in January as I swing behind the old Coca-Cola building near downtown Bloomington, Ind.

159 March - April - 2012 April 9, 2012

Every so often a question will be put forth among co-ops that, in its simplified version, asks something like this: “Does your co-op support farmers markets and community-supported agriculture (CSA

155 July - August - 2011 August 28, 2011

These tips, tools, sites and strategies were all shared at this year’s Marketing Matters.

149 July - August - 2010* October 15, 2010

Marketing Matters 2010 took place in New York City, May 11–13, bringing together 75 co-op marketing and member services attendees, plus presenters and National Cooperative Grocers Association (

149 July - August - 2010* October 15, 2010
143 July - August - 2009 July 2, 2009

On Saturday, November 13, 2004, Bloomingfoods Market and Deli and its Encore Café helped cater a fundraising reception for The Kinsey Institute, celebrating the premiere of the Fox Searchlight film

116 January - February - 2005 January 21, 2009

The word branding sometimes conjures images of bucking broncos, rodeos where livestock are marked with an indelible sign.

117 March - April - 2005 January 21, 2009

Steve Stroup, co-op and community development coordinator at Bloomington Cooperative Services (Bloomingfoods) in Bloomington, Indi., is busy working on a presentation to the Bloomingfoods board abo

121 November - December - 2005 January 21, 2009

The co-op where I work in Bloomington, Indiana, is 30 years old this year, so we’ve been going through old boxes unearthing archival materials.

124 May - June - 2006 January 20, 2009

Held in Austin, Texas on October 24–26, the 2007 Marketing Matters Conference gave cooperators a chance to focus on marketing topics and strategies for the advancement of our stores.

134 Jan - Feb - 2008 January 19, 2009
137 July - August - 2008 January 19, 2009