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Karen Zimbelman is development director for the western corridor of the National Co+op Grocers.

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It's true. The responsibilities of being a director usually become so consuming that not much time ends up being devoted to thinking about upcoming elections.

002 December - January - 1985 January 4, 2011

In 2009, in response to member interest and needs, the National Cooperative Grocers Association (NCGA) launched two new training programs, one geared towards co-op general managers and one geared t

151 November - December 2010 December 8, 2010

Food co-ops banded together to form the Cooperative Grocers’ Information Network (CGIN) in 1997.

116 January - February - 2005 January 21, 2009

This year’s CCMA conference once again afforded CGIN (Cooperative Grocer’s Information Network) the chance to hold its annual meeting and report

120 September - October - 2005 January 21, 2009

Your online resource, CGIN—the Cooperative Grocers’ Information Network—continues to make improvements and enhancements, in response to member input and suggestions.

123 March - April - 2006 January 20, 2009

This year will mark the 10th anniversary of the Cooperative Grocers’ Information Network (CGIN), which inspires us to reflect on what we’ve been able to accomplish as we c

129 march - april - 2007 January 20, 2009

108 September - October - 2003 December 27, 2008

The website owned by and operated for the benefit of food co-ops at www.cgin.coop continues to grow in scope and volume with each passing month.

111 March - April - 2004 December 27, 2008

At our seventh annual meeting this year in Minneapolis, Cooperative Grocers’ Information Network (CGIN) members enthusiastically offered up contributions of all types.

114 September - October - 2004 December 27, 2008

It's a situation that many boards have wrestled with: how to measure and monitor an organization's performance beyond just the numbers from financial statements.

040 May - June - 1992 December 17, 2008

Nine years ago, at the 1997 CCMA (Consumer Cooperative Management Association) conference in Alexandria, Va., a workshop was held to discuss how co-ops could use the Worl

125 July - August - 2006 August 8, 2006

A constructive, effective working relationship between a co-op's management and board of directors is a critical factor in the long-term success and survival

051 March - April - 1994 December 5, 2005

It will be no surprise to most Cooperative Grocer readers that there are those who think that consumer co-op boards of directors typically represent a weak link in the overall organization

001 October - November - 1985 January 9, 2004

[Written with the assistance of Margaret Goldstein and Josh Cohen.]

005 June - July - 1986 January 9, 2004

The good news is: you're not alone.

009 February - March - 1987 January 9, 2004

A quick assessment for board members:

015 February - March - 1988 January 9, 2004

The question of confidentiality for consumer cooperative boards of directors is one of the toughest issues facing them.

014 December - January - 1988 January 9, 2004

The question of whether co~op employees should be allowed to serve as voting members of a board of directors is one that many food co-ops give serious consideration to and wrestle with.

017 June - July - 1988 January 9, 2004

This article is adapted from a previous Cooperative Grocer article by Karen Zimbelman and Margaret Goldstein.

023 July - August - 1989 January 9, 2004

There's not a lot of glamour in it. The "behind the scenes" work that goes into preparing for and planning board meetings may be tedious, time-consuming and very rarely acknowledged.

021 February - March - 1989 January 9, 2004