Community Food Co-op (Washington)

Locally Grown • Community Owned

The Community Food Co-op is a member-owned natural foods grocer, specialing in high-quality natural foods. The Co-op first opened in 1970 and has grown steadily since. We currently have over 250 employees and opened a third location in June of 2015. We strive to have a strong focus on community outreach and member participation. We strongly support local and organic growers, producers and distributors. We are proud members of the Domestic Fair Trade Association, the Sustainable Food Trade Association, Sustainable Connections, Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch, EPA Green Power Leadership Club, and the Provender Alliance.

Location Hours
Downtown Community Food Co-op

Sunday 7am-10pm

Monday 7am-10pm

Tuesday 7am-10pm

Wednesday 7am-10pm

Thursday 7am-10pm

Friday 7am-10pm

Saturday 7am-10pm

Cordata Community Food Co-op

Sunday 7am-9pm

Monday 7am-9pm

Tuesday 7am-9pm

Wednesday 7am-9pm

Thursday 7am-9pm

Friday 7am-9pm

Saturday 7am-9pm

Community Food Co-op Retail Bakery

Sunday 7am-8pm

Monday 7am-8pm

Tuesday 7am-8pm

Wednesday 7am-8pm

Thursday 7am-8pm

Friday 7am-8pm

Saturday 7am-8pm

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