About Us

Cooperative Grocer Network (CGN) is a nonprofit, 501(c)6 trade association intent on strengthening all retail food co-ops by a creating an online community of cooperators who can develop and share their best resources and practices.

Our community of board and staff from North American food cooperatives interacts using web-based discussion groups and contributes various resources to an online library—much of which is shared with the public in order to promote the understanding and development of a cooperative economy.

Besides operating this website, we publish the bimonthly magazine, Cooperative Grocer, the food co-op's trade magazine started in 1985. Our Library includes the magazine archives.  Subscriptions are $28 per year.

As much as possible, we provide an ongoing dynamic learning and networking experience that strives to build on the food co-ops’ annual in-person conference—CCMA.


Co-op Member (voting): a retail or consumer food co-op that is incorporated as a cooperative or a nonprofit with bylaws that meet the definitions of a cooperative (“… an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly owned and democratically controlled enterprise.”— International Co-operative Alliance Statement on the Co-operative Identity)

Associate Member (non-voting): organizations or individuals who are clearly in league with, and provide value to, the food cooperative sector.

Either memberships costs $80 per million dollars of previous year’s revenues, with a minimum of $400 and a maximum of $1,600. 

Joining is easy!

To apply for either class of membership, download and submit our member application form and statement of support form; or associate membership form.

Included with Co-op Membership/Associate Membership are:

  • Unlimited enrollment of official staff or board members to CGN’s online Cooperator Directory and Discussion Groups.
  • A self-administered directory listing in our heavily visited online Food Co-op Directory.
  • Two subscriptions to Cooperative Grocer magazine.
  • Free submission of classified and job listings to the online Marketplace section.
  • 5% discount on ads in the magazine and website.

CGN requires each member to provide a CGN Account Manager who can serve as a primary admin contact and help manage enrolled Cooperators, and Library and Directory content associated with the member. The CGN Account Managers are given administrative tools to help them manage their co-op’s participation in order to conform to any internal policies the member may have.

Enrolled member Cooperators must be official staff or board members accountable to the member organization. All participating cooperators must be aware of, and agree to follow CGN’s policies, terms, and conditions.

Member Cooperators may;

  • Create a personalized profile that can be viewed by other logged-in cooperators.
  • Access their own dynamic dashboard that provides overview of content and admin tools.
  • View other cooperator profiles and connect using email, chat, phone, or other tools.
  • View the full Directory listings of members and associate members.
  • Participate in established Discussion Groups (per the policies of their member co-op and the particular discussion group).
  • Create ad hoc Discussion Groups for short-term or new topics, or private discussions.
  • Access member-only-designated content in the Library.
  • Contribute documents to the Library.
  • Order any items from the CGN Store (restricted items must be authorized by account manager).

We’d love to have your co-op join CGN! 


Contact Dan Nordley
[email protected]

2600 E. Franklin | Minneapolis | MN | 55406
612/436-9177 |  Fax: 612/692-8563