Board of Directors Meeting - 16 October 2006

PRESENT: Steve Cooke, John Eichholz, Dan Gillotte, Gail Graham, Jean Helms, Deirdrie Lang, Doug Walter, Bella Waters, and Karen Zimbelman.


  • The meeting was called to order at 9:06 a.m. (PST) by Gail Graham.
  • The agenda was approved as presented.
  • Minutes of the meeting of 9 June 2006:

M/S: Doug/Deirdrie: approve the minutes as presented. Approved unanimously.

  • Minutes from membership meeting 8 June 2006: We handed out luggage tags, not lanyards as is stated in one section.


Operations report. The board reviewed KZ’s operations report. Specific items discussed:

  • task list review: KZ apologized for not auditing e-mails sent discussing draft of values, goals and objectives.
  • Membership and renewal: Doug commented that it was a good use of brainpower and scholarship fund money for the Karma deal with NCBA.
  • site stats and usage: KZ checked with webmaster regarding page views per month in July and August and he finds that the numbers are inflated. Average length per session is down due to a variety of issues: faster internet connections, mature membership, and posting items in downloadable formats.
  • web support services: KZ still unsure if a wiki is the way to go. John and Doug will take the idea for an interactive CGIN component and go through the Bottom Line Change process to create a vision for what the component looks like.
  • Web support services: KZ will continue to work for progress and might open communication on hiring someone to do additional work that’s not being complete.
  • Grant funding: group decided this is not a big priority right now.
  • NCBA and NCGA relations: Gail will hold a formal phone conversation with Michelle. CGIN was well represented on the Midcounties trip.
  • Financials: Dierdrie will generate a list of interesting ways to support a scholarship to CCMA from the scholarship fund. Other directors will think of other uses for the scholarship fund.
  • Progress report: The group feels the need to break out of the holding pattern that CGIN is currently in. Could possibly have NCGA’s IT person on CGIN board to avoid duplication and ensure CGIN remains vital to all co-ops, not just NCGA members.
  • Approved revised policies: M/S: Jean/John – as amended with reflecting new fees.


Strategic planning discussion has been deferred to next call on 30 October at 9:00 am Pacific; 11:00 am Central and 12:00 pm Easten.

1. Nominating committee: KZ and Bella will send out background materials to Jean and Dan. Need to have a contested election, yet not too many candidates (less than 12). Three seats are up for election in 2007: Gail, Steve and Doug. Amended minutes are attached.
2. Performance review: Will hold executive session after December meeting. KZ noted that the board will not be looking at total YE financials or completed goals.

Upcoming meetings:
30 October 2006
18 December 2006
19 March 2007 (tentatively moved, to be confirmed at October meeting)

minutes by Bella Waters

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