Board of Directors Meeting - 25 August 2008

PRESENT: Steve Cooke, John Eichholz, Dan Gillotte, Gail Graham, Alysen Land, Deirdrie Lang, Doug Walter and Karen Zimbelman.

STAFF PRESENT: Robynn Shrader and Bella Waters


  • The meeting was called to order at 10:05 a.m. by Dan Gillotte.
  • The agenda was approved as presented.
  • Minutes of the meeting of 13 June 2008 (board reorganization meeting): amend to correct meeting date.

M/S: Doug/Alysen: approve the minutes as presented. Approved unanimously.

B. OPERATIONS REPORT The board reviewed the operations report briefly. Specific items discussed:

  • Task list: Will remove the task of drafting new hire policies and include a section in the next contract regarding access to the site. There is a confidential information clause in the current contract. Also, remove task to work on interactive component due to current CGIN work around CoopTube comments and survey tool. The specialized listserve archives are only accessible to those with access to the CGIN site. They are not open to the general public like the Basic CGIN listserve.
  • Membership renewal: 146 total primary members, including Big Spring Co-op.
  • Web content and services: Lot of good progress happening. Only a handful of the Livable Wage Model purchases were made after CCMA. Not sure of the increase in Basic Retail Operation Training Manuals purchases. CoopTube does not allow uploading of videos. Users will need to upload on another website (YouTube, Google Video, etc.)
  • Financials: Board pleased with current status of financials.
  • Follow-up from Strategic planning session: Contacted Walden to see if he was interested in creating the “Word on the Street” that will update the Board on emerging technologies useful to the CGIN site.

1. Notes from strategic planning session: Issue regarding NCBA relationship has been resolved. No need for formal follow up. Robynn will stay on top of food co-op membership with NCBA. Strong desire to maintain good relationship with NCBA and make sure we have a vetting system in place. Food co-ops showed strong support for NCBA with this year’s Hall of Fame. There is a natural concern with support for start-ups, yet unclear on direction. Current requests from start-ups are not properly addressed in available library items. It’s ideal to have new CGIN start-ups submit resources, but are those materials ideal, especially for start-ups that haven’t succeeded.

2. 1st draft of 2009 goals: proposed goals are well written and concise. Discussion included:

  • Start-up support – with addition to the How to Start a Food Co-op, create a list of resources for start-ups. Potential objective in Goal three would be to work with FoodCo-op 500 to determine ways CGIN can support start-ups. Also, there will be work in NCGA’s 2009 plan in relation to start-ups. Will revisit the start-up support question after viewing NCGA’s planned work.
  • Interest in nuts and bolts general costs list for helping start-ups understand the costs. Would need various reports for urban vs. rural, type of store and store size.
  • 1.D.6 – like the idea of incorporating Cooperative Grocer articles with the CGIN site. Great potential with synching up profiles, not just with CG but also with CoopMetrics and NCGA. Robynn announced that there will also be store profile links on
  • 1.D.2 Strong interest in referral system. Potentially similar to Amazon – “users who looked at this item also looked at the following…” Allow users to specify tags to decrease the librarians work.
  • Team CGIN will prioritize items in 1.D and also incorporate idea of CGIN as the one stop shop for food co-ops into the goals for board to review and provide feedback.


Next meeting 6 October 2008.

Meeting ended 11:14 a.m. Pacific
Minutes by Bella Waters

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