Board of Directors Meeting - 15 March 2010

PRESENT: Steve Cooke, John Eichholz, Dan Gillotte, Alysen Land, Deirdrie Lang, Doug Walter and Karen Zimbelman
ABSENT: Gail Graham
STAFF: Paula Gilbertson and Bella Waters

1. The meeting was called to order at 10:03 a.m. (PDT) by Dan Gillotte
2. The agenda was approved
3. Minutes of the meeting of 14 December 2009:
M/S: Alysen/Doug: approve the minutes with two changes. Approved unanimously.

Operations report. The board reviewed the operations report briefly. Specific items discussed:

  • Membership and membership renewal: Once we receive Great Basin’s membership dues CGIN will have 149 members.
  • Web content and services: CoopMetrics listserves are not that active, though it’s important that some, especially IS4C, have an online community. However, the IS4C should be open to not just retail co-ops. Bella will follow-up with Walden on the specialized listserve policies. Some ideas for the CGIN Web Orientations are to have short “How to…” conference calls, rather than overall site orientations. Also, recommended to create short “How to” videos using WebEx.
  • Financials: made money, but the major factor was unspent funds due to the “How to Start a Food Co-op” update hold.
  • 2010 Member survey results: Questions asked in the survey need to be rephrased as there’s a big difference between not useful and rarely used. Need to dig deeper into what CGIN members think about CGIN and find the balance between new business/community versus member needs. It was noted that some of our new services aren’t being rated high (blog aggregator and CoopTube).

Sent out eight packets and have received two back. Ben Nauman is interested in running and the board determined he could be an advisor but felt that there’s a conflict of interest and he should be in a non-voting seat. Discussed the qualifications of suitable board nominees and the need to update the qualifications and board candidate packet to reflect the necessity to have candidates who are very familiar with CGIN.

The fee increase process will be discussed during the Strategic Planning Session, along with the relationship between CGIN and NCGA.


  • Strategic planning focus: Brainstormed the following list of topics for the meeting:
  • Management contract (next step; multi-year)
  • Organization/big picture
  • Nomination procedure
  • Member linkage
  • Balance between coop community and member needs
  • More information from members
  • Building community (listserves)

The 2010 Strategic Planning Session committee is Dan, John and Gail. All nominees are invited to attend the meeting. A plan will be presented to the board at the May meeting.

  • Annual meeting: Dan, Doug and Steve will be the committee this year. Possible ideas include: speaker (great speaker at GeekFest in 2008); demonstration/learning opportunity; video on how to do something. Discussed a need to shift from gathering ideas to ‘evangelizing’ the services CGIN provides and increase engagement. The committee will have a plan in place for the May meeting.

Next meeting: TBD May 2010 at 10:00 am Pacific.

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