Board of Directors Meeting - 17 March 2011

PRESENT: John Eichholz, Dan Gillotte, Travis Hance, Jane Harter, Alysen Land, Deirdrie Lang and Doug Walter

STAFF: Bella Waters

1. The meeting was called to order at 11:34 1.m. (CDT) by Dan Gillotte
2. The agenda was approved
3. Minutes of the meeting of 17 February 2011 was approved:
M/S: Jane/Doug: approved the minutes as amended

Operations report. The board reviewed the operations report briefly and asked specific questions:

  • Membership: Equal Exchange was not using the site enough to justify the increase and Frontier did not have it in their budget. The board would like to ensure that the new membership bundles are workable for Associate members.
  • Web content: Dan and Bella will work on a Cooperative Grocer article that includes the Co-op Discussion course.
  • Financials: Financial section in report was cut off. Should say “Everything is on schedule.” interest income is low. Current national interest rate is low and not worth the time researching options.
  • Current strategic priorities: (2.A)Single sign on for CGIN/NCGA remains on track. Haven’t received an update on completion date for the NCGA site. (2.C) We need to think about possible development opportunities between CGIN and our associate members and sponsors, especially with 2012 looming. Cooperation in a broader scale.

Significant increase in survey results. Discussion included:

  • Create a histogram of each service for easier visibility of trends
  • Interested in the comments related to NCGA workshops accessible on CGIN, iCGIN page, more listserves, strong link to other organizations.
  • Tours – way to engage people to be better users
  • NCGA orientation includes CGIN
  • Need a better message system for new/existing members on services.
    Bella will start creating weekly “How to videos” and include them in the weekly messages. Results will be included in the Strategic Planning Session.

Board agreed that current policies are still appropriate, though the guidelines do allow for some gray room. Discussion included:

  • too many messages lead to less use
  • guidelines are contradicting with subscribers able to sell equipment but not advertise.

John, Jane and Doug will continue thinking about an advisory committee or some sort of multi-stake holder engagement process. Discussion included:

  • Benefit would be to incubate potential directors, provide CGIN with fresh ideas and enthusiasm
  • Concern of additional admin work, lack of appropriate people for committee
  • Ask Cooper provides CGIN with a great tool for member/user feedback
  • An advisory committee could be project based like the Livable Wage Model. Allows for ability to target specific expertise for projects.


  • Mid-Atlantic Conference Sponsorship. No budget at this time, but John might be interested in going and handing out CGIN materials
  • Associate Contractor Form. Bella will send form to Travis. Otherwise, no further feedback
  • Bella is spending good amount of time being a help desk.

Next meeting: 14 April at 10am Pacific (12pm Central; 1pm Eastern)

Meeting ended 12:36 p.m. Central
Minutes by Bella Waters

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