LEADer #01 - 2008 Fall

Focus on Member Linkage

How can boards better fulfill their responsibility to “link” with members?

Strengthening the Dialogue – Martha Whitman
“The categories (of member engagement venues) offer an easy and workable tool to help boards recognize what their efforts are achieving. By organizing various venues into two categories, boards can understand how they’re covering different aspects of member engagement and consider their efforts in a greater context of time.”

Works for us: Breakfast with the Board – Lucinda Berdon
“Our members can be a wonderful resource. Many want to be involved but don’t know how. We’ve found that Breakfast with the Board is a place where inspiration, direction, and vision can be shared with our members with amazing results.”

General Manager/Board Relationships Related to Owner (Member) Linkage – Michele Adams
“Everything boils down to time. How much time do directors have to spend on their volunteer positions? What should they work on given the amount of time they realistically have?”

Cooking Up a Tasty Connection Between a Board and its Co-op Members – Cindy Owings
“Co-op boards exist because co-op members exist. But when the board organizes a discussion forum and three people show, the board wonders, Where are the members? Who are the members? Are they just shoppers? What do boards know about their members? How can a board reach its members?”

The Squeaky Wheel – Marcia Shaw
“One reason board work is so important is that no one else is doing what the boar is uniquely qualified to do. If the board isn’t planning for the future of the co-op, who is? Similarly, if the board isn’t tuned in to the owners, who else will be?”

Ask the BEST: What is the Right Level of Member Participation?

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