LEADer #03 - 2009 Spring

Focus on Board Leadership

Thoughts and suggestions on how boards can provide leadership and live up to key principles of good leadership

Leading From the Middle – Marcia Shaw

“Since an out-in-front leader is not usually appropriate for the co-op board, leading from the middle is a better option. Middle-distance leaders listen more than they talk. They pay attention to process and sense the center of board opinion.”

Good Grief! Did He Really Do That? – Cindy Owings and Martha Whitman
“There are few subjects in our board experience that bring on a yawn more quickly than codes of conduct. But they’re critical to establishing agreed-upon norms for how the board will conduct business and deal with problems if needed.”

Engaging All Board Members in Leadership – Paige Lettington
“Most folks assume that the board president or chair takes the leadership role for the board. While this is true, there are many opportunities for leadership by all directors. Here are some tips and ideas on how to engage all board members in leadership roles.”

Works for Us: Board Orientation Quincy Natural Style – Linda Margaretic
An overview of the process used by the Quincy Natural Foods Co-op board in orienting new directors – from recruitment to the first meeting of the ‘new’ board to an annual board retreat.

Leadership As Influence – Marcia Shaw
“Having one person in charge might be more efficient, but a board works best when leadership functions are shared.” Thoughts on how all directors can give, and exert, influence in positive ways.

Evolving into a Board President Philip Buri
“Here’s a secret: great board members aren’t born that way; they are made. And the same is true for great board presidents. Leading is an acquired skill.”

Ask the BEST: What about Executive Committees?

Check It Out: Resources for More Information

Your Leadership Style
“It’s useful to reflect on your own leadership persona as well as to understand and get feedback on how your own personal influence playt out in a board setting.” Here are some questions to reflect on the ideas in this issue and give you some ‘food for thought.’

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