LEADer #07 - 2010 Spring

Enhancing Board Effectiveness

Assessing board effectiveness and systems to support improvements

Three elements contribute to a high-functioning board: the systems the board uses, how the board fulfills its role, as well as the culture of the board. By themselves, none make a board effective; all need attention to really help the board “fire on all cylinders.”

In this issue, we look at the first two areas – systems and how the board does its job. Our next issue will discuss the issue of board culture and how to improve in that realm.

Great Board Systems Support Great Boards – Paige Lettington
All high functioning boards have solid systems in place. They are crucial because they provide information and ensure consistency. Most importantly, they allow the board to focus on the issue at hand, and not on the mechanics of where things get filed or how things are organized. A sample checklist of important board systems is included in this issue’s study guide.

Taking a Ride with a Problematic Board – Lucinda Berdon
“If you’re new to the co-op board, treat the work of the board as you would a trip to another country. Ask questions, figure out where you’re going, learn about the language and culture, and explore and embrace diversity and differences.”

Building an Improvement Plan from a Board Assessment – Marcia Shaw
Now that you’ve completed a board assessment, “what next?” What does the board do with this assessment data? These four steps can help guide your board’s follow-up to ensure that the exercise helps you make changes and bring about improvements.

For More Information – Martha Whitman

Study Guide – Part 1 – Systems Checklist
Evaluate your board’s systems by checking boxes to indicate if your co-op’s systems is good, needs work, or is missing.

Study Guide – Part 2 – Sample Board Assessment
Rate your board’s performance using this sample assessment – covering the board’s work in eight key areas.

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