LEADer #11 - 2011 Spring

Evaluating the Co-op GM

The art and science of effective GM evaluations.

There are few more important tasks for the co-op board than hiring the general manager and providing feedback on his or her job performance. In this issue we offer some general guidelines that can help you and your board design and manage a constructive GM evaluation process.

The GM evaluation can involve many side issues, including goal setting, compensation negotiation, dealing with unsatisfactory performance, and others. We don’t cover all of these ancillary topics in this issue but hope to in future issues. We offer this as a starting point – to frame the general principles of a good evaluation, and to provide a basic evaluation process for the co-op board.

The Art of Evaluation – Marcia Shaw and Cindy Owings
The way evaluations are handled reflects the co-op’s values and character as an employer. Consider these guiding principles that describe the art of evaluation for a co-op board.

Bringing It Full Circle: A 360-Degree Evaluation – Lucinda Berdon 
“Giving your GM the most objective, fairest, and most well-rounded review possible is imperative. But how do you do that when you don’t actually work with him or her on a day-to-day basis?” Here’s one way to get some additional feedback from the co-op’s staff.

Step by Step: The GM Evaluation Process – Paige Lettington
Here are the eight key steps to designing and conducting a good evaluation process that allows the board to provide useful, constructive feedback in a respectful manner.

Parting Shots from a Co-op GM: The Three Best and Three Most Challenging Things about Working with a Board – Michele Adams
Michele Adams retired from First Alternative Co-op in January 2011 after serving as GM for 10 years and after a two-year process to recruit and hire a new GM. We invited her to share her thoughts on what she liked best and found most challenging about working with a co-op board.

For More Information 
Resources for further readings and reference.

Study Guide – Part 1 – Reflecting on Your Experience with Evaluations
For some, the notion of an evaluation is highly anxiety producing. Here are some questions to consider to reflect on your own experiences, to help guide your thoughts on designing an evaluation process.

Study Guide – Part 2 – A GM Evaluation Process Planner 
Here’s a tool that identifies the key steps that need to be completed with space for you to identify the deadlines for your co-op’s next GM evaluation.

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