LEADer #04 - 2009 Summer

Focus on Board Decision Making

Options and tips for helping board clarify who decides and how to make decisions productively

Garlic and the Universe are Simple – It’s Board Decision Making That Can Be Complicated –Cindy Owings

“A board decision-making process could be compared to growing garlic. Both endeavors require sitting with the elements over a period of time to bring about fruition or desired outcomes.”

That’s a Good Question! – Marcia Shaw 
“Reflecting on how you personally make decisions is the first step in improving your board’s decision-making process. Understanding that we don’t all make decisions the same way will also help you learn to respect different ways of doing things.”

Who Decides? – Lucinda Berdon
“One thing I’ve learned is that taking your time in coming to a decision has great benefits. Rushing into decisions can be hazardous.”

All in Favor? How Does Your Board Make Decisions? – Paige Lettington
“However your board chooses to make decisions, it’s important to make sure the process is known and understood by the directors (this benefits owners as well)…. Your board could have different processes for different types of decisions.”

Let Me Help! – Michele Adams
“There are times when it’s appropriate for the board to give advice to the manager – especially in areas where the manager is struggling.”

Works for Us: Beyond the Day to Day – Marcia Shaw
At the NCGA spring training, Martha Whitman (president of La Montañita’s board), made a few comments on how that board functions. She sparked several questions and people wanted to learn more. So the BEST program advisor, Marcia Shaw, followed up with this interview.

Ask the BEST: When Is It Time to Decide?

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