LEADer #06 - 2009 Winter

Focus on Board Retreats

Guidelines and tips for productive board retreats.

This Issue: Recharge. Refocus. Retreat

We continue our new study guide approach with this issue – focused on the subject of planning and holding successful board retreats. How do you plan them? What does it take to hold a productive and successful retreat? How do you organize the time? What do you do to implement and follow-up your retreats? In this issue of the LEADer we offer several articles to provoke your thinking and then a study guide to help you plan your next retreat.

Retreats are Many-Splendored Things – Marcia Shaw 
“Whatever your intent, be sure to build agreement about what you want to accomplish at your retreat. Your goals will greatly influence how you plan your time and be vital to preparing the agenda, materials, and logistics.”

Planning the Board Retreat – Michele Adams 
Here’s a checklist of things to do to help prepare for and hold an enjoyable and productive retreat.

It Ain’t Vegas: What Happens at the Retreat Shouldn’t Stay at the Retreat – Martha Whitman andPaige Lettington 
“How can you ensure that the great ideas you come up with at your retreat are moved forward?”

Try It, You Might Enjoy Melting Ice – Cindy Owings 
“You can use activities to thaw the frostiness that blankets a group. Such icebreakers can create a positive atmosphere, help people relax, remove social barriers, energize and motivate participants, and encourage people to think outside the box.”

Survey Says… Tips for Great Board Retreats – Lucinda Berdon 
“We surveyed western corridor co-ops for ideas on great board retreats and here’s what they had to say.”

Board Retreat Study Guide 
Four questions for your board to discuss and consider in preparing for or planning a board retreat.

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