Getting on the Train:

Picture this: A person stands on the platform of a train station, and as a train passes through the station she flashes a bright message, hoping everyone on the train will see it. On a second train, as it passes to the next station there’s also a person inside each of the train cars giving the people in that car the same message. 

On which train will more people get the message?

September 1 Deadline for Bowers Fund Food Co-op Grant Application

Check out the video to see the impact of the Howard Bowers Fund:

The Howard Bowers Fund is offering grants to support leadership training and education for the staff and boards of food cooperatives. Applications are due on September 1, 2016.

How to Apply

Grant Guidelines and General Information

Guidelines 1 through 3 should be used to determine if your organization or project is eligible for funding.

GroOperative – A Living, Breathing, Growing Cooperative

Vertical farming and aquaponics might have gotten out to a slow, grassroots start, but now the growing movement is beginning to pick up the pace. In a world that is driven by mega-food giants such as McDonald’s and Monsanto, there are now glimmers of hope from a new generation of people who are devoting themselves to the sustainable side of the food industry.

A Sneak Peek at Willy North

The transformation of Pierce’s Northside Market into “Willy North” is nearly complete. The shelves still need to be dusted and stocked. Some new flooring still needs to be installed. But all the basics — including the green lampposts over the registers — are in place at the Willy Street Co-op’s new grocery store on Madison’s north side. It was only this past April that the co-op’s board of directors officially approved plans to launch Willy North; now, the member-owned cooperative's third location at 2817 N. Sherman Ave. in the Northside Town Center will be open for business on Aug.

The Death of the Supermarket?

In May I attended the 2016 HOW Design Live conference, an annual event that conceives of problem-solving as one of the primary jobs of designers. Julie Anixter, executive director of AIGA, the largest professional design organization in the world, reminded us that designers today are innovators, business strategists, visualizers, researchers, narrators, integrators, educators, and systems thinkers—among other leadership roles.

What Would Increased Happiness Do for Your Business?

Businesses often forget about the culture, and ultimately they suffer for it because you can’t deliver good service from unhappy employees.”  Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos

How would your co-op employees like a beautiful, private outdoor break space? Classes on bicycle maintenance and repair? Free yoga? These are just a taste of what came from the Ashland Food Cooperative’s groundbreaking [email protected] project, conceived in 2013.