Top 5 Reasons Entrepreneurs Should Work at a Food Coop

I live in Park Slope, Brooklyn and I recently became a member of the infamous Park Slope Food Coop. It is one of the largest in the country with 18,000 members and $46,000,000 in annual revenue. It has much lower prices than other supermarkets in the neighborhood and many healthy food options. In return for the lower prices each member must work once per month for just under 3 hours.

Philadelphia to Join Ten Other Cities in Investing in Cooperative Development

Philadelphia City Council’s Committee on Commerce and Economic Development will hold a public hearing regarding the development of cooperatives in the City of Philadelphia and initiatives to support their growth on Monday, October 24, 1-3 pm, in City Hall, Room 400.  A recent report highlights the efforts in ten cities to develop worker co-ops as a way to create quality jobs, and to build wealth for individuals and communities.

More Co-ops Now

Joining a food cooperative has been one of my wisest decisions at Princeton. Since I’m only  a sophomore, people react to my co-op membership with perplexed expressions. Why would I join a co-op while the University still requires me to purchase a meal plan? Here’s the answer: it has given me a sense of belonging that no dining hall could ever provide.

Crossroads Cooperative Summit 2016 with Caitlin Quigley

The heart of the co-op beats with its service to community. Cooperatives from across the country will share experiences of how their cooperatives fulfill Principle 7—support for their communities. 

Registration is now open for the ICDC Crossroads Cooperative Summit, November 3, 2016, in Indianapolis. The annual CCS is an exciting opportunity to network with fellow cooperators. 

Register for the Crossroads Cooperative Summit

New Leadership, New Challenges for Whole Foods Co-op

When Sharon Murphy was cleaning out the tiny produce display at a former Whole Foods Co-op location in 1993, she found a sign that today might seem shocking: organic tomatoes, $10.99 a pound.

"But they sold," said Murphy, who has been the co-op's general manager since 1988. "For a long time we were the only place to get organic produce. Now organics are in every grocery store, Wal-Mart and Target."

Which leaves a whole new mission for the co-op's' second general manager: Reinvention.

"Being a natural grocer isn't enough anymore," Murphy said.

Co-op Members Weigh Merger Vote

Thousands of co-op members are voting this month to decide whether bigger is better. Three Minneapolis co-ops — Wedge, Eastside and Linden Hills — are proposing a merger to form a single cooperative with bigger profits and more efficient buying power.

The issue has some Eastside board members running for reelection this fall under a platform opposing consolidation. Opponents say the merger would corporatize their co-op, a place where profits shouldn’t be a driving force. Some have picketed outside The Wedge, holding signs with slogans like: “Why put all our eggs in one basket?”

Gardiner Food Co-op to Screen ‘Food For Change’ October 18

The Gardiner Food Co-op will screen “Food For Change” at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 18, at Johnson Hall Performing Arts Center, 280 Water St., Gardiner.

October is National Co-op Month. Food co-ops in 40 cities are bringing their story to the American public in a 82-minute documentary that tells the story of the cooperative movement in the United States in a way that is both entertaining and informative, according to a news release from the Gardiner co-op.

Effingham Hears Benefits of Proposed Food Cooperative

Egg and cattle producer Paula Rohwedder of rural Altamont was among the approximately 40 people who attended a meeting this week about organizing a local food cooperative, which she thinks might create bigger market for her free-range eggs.

"If a co-op would be established here, we would have a place for our eggs to go," she said.

Connie Nosbisch, who also attended the meeting, might be one of her customers at the co-op.

"I believe in supporting local farms," said Nosbisch, of Effingham. "It would be nice for them to have a place to sell."