​Home Grown: Moving Next to the Farm

All you foodies, take a closer look: this tree-lined, suburban street might lead to heaven on Earth.

"I would say that probably 80% of the food that we eat comes from within a five-mile radius of this house," said Clay Johnson. "These peppers, yeah, come from 50 feet away!"

Johnson and Rosalyn Lemieux moved their family here from Washington, D.C., two years ago. Their five-bedroom, five-bathroom home sits 40 minutes south of downtown Atlanta.

They bought here for the close-knit neighborhood -- and an organic farm right beyond their backyard.

"Owning is the New Sharing"

What do co-ops have to do with Back to the Future?

Watch a short talk by Noemi Giszpenc of Data Commons Co-op: "Owning Is the New Sharing: Actually-Existing Platform Co-ops" session of Platform Cooperativism Conference at the New School, NYC, November 2015

Noemi mentions Dan Nordley of CGN, who praises the Data Commons for being "the Geekiest of Co-ops" – the principles CGN shares with Data Commons Co-op are information liberation, collaboration, and inclusion.