What are Platform Co-ops?

The Internet is slipping out of ordinary users’ control. Internet technologies are transforming our workplaces, relationships, and societies. Companies like Uber, Amazon, and Facebook are capturing vital sectors of the economy such as transportation and phenomena like search and social networking. All of us who rely on the Internet have virtually no control over the platforms that affect and inform us on a daily basis.

Prairie Roots Food Co-op Opens

Congratulations to Prairie Roots Food Co-op, which opened its new store in Fargo, North Dakota, after more than six years of preparation. Providing 30 new jobs, the full-service store has 5,600 square feet of retail space and a total facility size of 8,800 square feet. While it is open to the public, the co-op also encourages ownership through a $300 investment, with payment plan options. The co-op's general manager is Kurt Kopperud. Find more about Prairie Roots Co-op online.

CDF Raising Funds to Help Co-ops Recover from Hurricane Harvey

(Washington, D.C.)—The Cooperative Development Foundation is raising funds to assist cooperative businesses damaged by Hurricane Harvey.

While national and local organizations are responding to the immediate needs of storm survivors, CDF is focused on helping area cooperatives get back on their feet.  Affected cooperatives are only now learning the extent of the damages caused by the storm.  Loss of inventory, damaged buildings, lost business and wages are among Harvey’s disastrous impacts.  

Save the Date for CCMA 2018

CCMA 2018 will take place in Portland, Oregon, from May 31 to June 2, 2018. Save the date for this national food co-op event.

As an attendee, here’s what you can expect:

  • Interactive breakout sessions carefully curated and presented by food cooperative leaders and peers

  • A variety of formal and informal opportunities for networking with your peers

  • Dynamic key note speakers that will inspire your work in your food cooperative and community

Goodside Grocery Co-op

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Goodside Grocery is a cooperatively owned, volunteer-run grocery store.  We are a full-service corner store that offers dairy, meat, produce, dry & canned goods, frozen items, & bulk grains that are locally & sustainably sourced.

Domestic Fair Trade Conference Planned

Save the dates—December 14-16, 2017. That's when the second annual Domestic Fair Trade Association conference will be held in Atlanta, Georgia—focused on “Creating Fair and Sustainable Supply Chains.” Local tours will supplement keynote speakers and workshops. For food co-ops actively supporting domestic fair trade, there is still opportunity to propose a workshop presentation. See www.dfta.org.

Good Tern Co-op

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We are a member-owned community food co-op and cafe. We specialize in local, organic, dietary sensitive foods and products at affordable prices. All are welcome to shop with us. Becoming a member means you become an owner of the store, with equal voting rights over leadership and decisions. We offer member working discounts and other benefits.

Good Tern Co-op is a CGN SAPLING member—a co-op doing up to $4 million a year in business.


SoLA Food Co-op

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The SoLA Food Co-op is in the beginning phases of forming itself into a viable cooperatively organized business. Its goal is to create a source for natural, organic, non-GMO food in South Los Angeles.

As a co-op, we are much more than just another natural foods store—we’re actually owned by our local community. Unlike the national chain stores, we exist to serve you, our owners—not a distant corporate board.

Because we’re truly local, owning a piece of your co-op is really about owning a piece of your community.