General Manager

Position Type: General Manager
Apply By: April 30, 2017
Posted: Tuesday, February 14
Organization Type: Co-op Retail
Organization: Sierra Vista Food Co-op
Organization Location: Sierra Vista, Arizona
Organization Website: Sierra Vista Food Co-op
Contact Name: Kevin Peterson
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone: 520-220-6229

Sierra Vista Food Co-op

General Manager Job Summary




The Sierra Vista Natural Foods Cooperative (aka Sierra Vista Food Co-op, SVFC) is a cooperative business incorporated in Arizona in 2007; the store opened in 2011. It is owned by over 1000 members-owners, employs 16 staff members, and has surpassed 1.7 million dollars in sales the past two years. SVFC mission is to serve the community with a unique member supported market that emphasizes a high quality, diverse selection of sustainable local, natural and organic products while promoting health and well-being.


The Sierra Vista Food Co-op is located in Sierra Vista, Arizona, 80 miles south east of Tucson, and next to Fort Huachuca. Sierra Vista has a small town charm while offering many amenities found in larger communities. The city is surrounded by unique beauty of the Huachuca, Whetstone, Dragoon and Mule Mountains and is bordered on the east by the San Pedro River, one of the premier bird-watching destinations in the country. Sierra Vista is also known for its premium mountain and road biking trails as well as its welcoming bicycling community. 


The Sierra Vista Food Co-op is looking for a General Manager to lead and oversee all aspects of day to day Co-op grocery operations, and to meet organizational ends established by the Board of Directors, while remaining within Board defined limits and aligned with the Co-op’s mission statement. Additionally, the General Manager will direct and oversee the Co-op’s expansion planned within the next two -to-three years.


Job Purpose:


To lead our cooperative so that it achieves the ends policies determined by our board of directors, as follows:

  • A welcoming, community-shared marketplace.
  • Access to healthful food our customers can trust.
  • Sustainable environmental and agricultural practices inform our product sourcing and business practices.
  • Education: so our customers and community are able to make informed choices.


Overview of Responsibilities:


The job of the general manager is to ensure achievement of organizational results as defined in ends policies and to avoid unacceptable conditions as defined in executive limitation policies. The general manager has the authority to use any reasonable interpretation of these policies.


The general manager is empowered to make all decisions, create all policies, and authorize all engagements that he or she can demonstrate to be consistent with a reasonable interpretation of board policy as provided for in board/general manager relations policies.


The general manager’s performance will be evaluated through systematic and objective monitoring of expectations established in policies on asset protection, financial conditions, business planning and financial budgeting, staff treatment and compensation, treatment of consumers, membership equity and benefits, communication and support to the board, board logistical support, and emergency management succession. A full set of the board’s policies is available upon request.


Reporting Relationships:


The general manager reports to the board of directors, which is elected by the member-owners of the cooperative. The board operates under Policy Governance, a system that emphasizes vision and values empowerment and accountability. The board uses policy to define the results the general manager is expected to achieve within defined limits of prudence and ethics. The general manager has the authority to hire, direct, structure, and evaluate all other staff.





  • Experience managing a retail food store (as general manager, store manager, operations manager, or district manager)
  • A customer service first management style
  • Bottom-line accountability for a business with annual sales volume of $2 million
  • Personal and professional values that align with cooperative principles
  • Proven ability to develop and implement a vision
  • Strategic planning experience
  • Proven ability to lead and motivate others to gain cooperation
  • Understanding of the components of financial statements: what purpose each serves, how they relate to one another, and how they are different
  • Operating, capital, and cash budgeting experience
  • Ability to manage own and others’ time
  • Proven ability to develop systems
  • Ability to present written information clearly
  • Ability to present spoken information clearly
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate and collaborate



  • Experience in retail natural foods management
  • Experience in retail food co-op management
  • Proven ability in team building
  • Skill in use of Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Outlook and QuickBooks
  • Experience selling in a highly competitive market
  • Some understanding of the “local food” movement
  • Demonstrated ability to interpret financial statements to laypeople
  • Experience communicating with and reporting to a board of directors
  • Experience with policy governance
  • Dedicated to community development and outreach




  • Full-time salaried position
  • Salary and benefits based on experience


How to Apply:

  • Please send your resume, cover letter, and salary history/expectations to Kevin Peterson, Board President
  • Email: [email protected]