Annual Membership Meeting - 13 June 1998


The meeting was called to order at 5:15 p.m. by Dan Foley, president of the interim CGIN board of directors, at the Cleveland Wyndham Hotel.
As this is the organization’s first annual meeting, there were no prior minutes to approve.


Dan Foley recognized and asked members in attendance to thank those who have served on CGIN’s steering committee and interim board in the past year — Paul Cultrera, Dan Foley, David Fowle, Gail Graham, Michelle Greene, Peg Nolan, Ruffin Slater, Pam Mehnert, and Diane Pittman. He summarized the work of the steering committee and board in the past year — highlighted by completion of the business plan, contracting with Karen Zimbelman, naming and incorporation of CGIN, and launching of our web pages.


Next he announced that he was not going to call for the ballots in the director election since one of the candidates, Kate Read, has had to withdraw her name from the ballot. This leaves seven candidates for seven positions.
M/S: Doug Walter/Peg Nolan: to approve the election of the remaining seven candidates as the board of CGIN by acclamation. Approved by the membership with no dissenting votes.


Dan noted that, since this is CGIN’s first meeting since its incorporation, the members must approve the organization’s bylaws. Members asked questions regarding specific provisions, including eligibility of associate members and other matters.
M/S: Peg Nolan/Doug Walter: to approve the bylaws as written. Approved by the membership with no dissenting votes.


Karen Zimbelman summarized CGIN’s operations to this point — web pages were launched in March, a membership drive has been under way with 31 primary members and four associate members accepted to date. She distributed financial statements as of May and noted that a number of significant financial events are not reflected on these statements — especially UWCC charges for setting up and designing the web pages and contract services for May. Additionally, CGIN has yet to receive any usage fee or advertising income, though both were projected for this period in the business plan/budget. The net effect of all of these items is approximately $4,000 – $5,000 in lowered income or additional expenses not showing on this statement.

At the reqest of CGIN members, she announced that a new “deli recipe exchange” service would be offered. In general, the way it would work is that CGIN members would be eligible to gain access to deli recipes from other co-ops if/when they contribute a designated number of recipes. Dan Foley is particularly interested in this project and will be setting up a small task force to work out the details. Members will get information via the listserve as soon as details are worked out. A second level of security will be established for members who have contributed recipes, but it will not require a new password or login name.

Rosemary Fifield of Hanover Co-op has a program that can provide nutrition analysis on recipes and offered to make it available for use on recipes submitted for exchange.

Finally, she encouraged members to not be shy about contributing items. Having items for exchange is the key to CGIN’s success — not its bylaws or security systems. She encouraged members to use the listserve to request items of other members and will post messages to the listserve announcing new items as they are made available. The last few minutes of the meeting were devoted to members suggesting items they may be willing to contribute or would like to see, including:

  1. reports from CGAs
  2. links to organizations regarding consumer/political issues (boycotts, etc.)
  3. newsletter articles
  4. community events
  5. department ordering systems, especially grocery
  6. board policies
  7. Hanover materials on facilitators’ training
  8. budgets
  9. benchmarking tools
  10. information regarding successful events and promos
  11. list of recommended equipment/experiences with equipment
  12. photos of end caps
  13. joint purchasing agreements
  14. archives
  15. espionage information
  16. bibliography of useful resources/books
  17. promotion ideas

There was no additional business. The next CGIN annual meeting will be held in conjunction with CCMA ’99.

Adjournment at 6:00 p.m.

Minutes by Karen Zimbelman

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