Annual Membership Meeting - 12 June 1999


The meeting was called to order at 5:30 p.m. by Dan Foley, president of the CGIN board of directors, at the DoubleTree Columbia River Hotel in Portland (OR).


  1. The agenda was approved as presented.
  2. Minutes from the meeting of 13 June 1998 were presented.
    M/S: Gail Graham/Carol Collins: to approve the minutes from the 1998 CGIN annual meeting as presented. Approved by the membership with no dissenting votes.
  3. Final call for ballots. Additional ballots were distributed to those needing them and all ballots were turned in to the Nominating Committee for counting.


Dan Foley began by congratulating CGIN members on building the organization to the level that it has achieved thus far. He noted that CGIN is an interactive organization; making CGIN work is a two-way street requiring the involvement of members and services from CGIN. He then turned the floor over to Karen Zimbelman to present an operations report.

The operations report summarized the organization’s accomplishment as follows:

  1. administration: systems are in place, 100% renewal of members from last year; first password change in January, next one coming up at the end of June; tax exempt status application approved by IRS, pending with state of California; good first year financially due to contributions and start-up grants
  2. services/web site development: opened listserve; added resources pages; concept is to make CGIN the web portal for food co-ops. Would like members’ ideas on resources/items to add to achieve this.
  3. membership: more than double since last year at this time (from 31 to 66) of primary members (retails); new member today (Lakewinds Natural Foods Co-op); also want to thank Ozark Co-op Warehouse for their on-going support from the start; now have 3 sponsors/ associate members; scholarship program started; also changed structure so most items are free and all members pay an annual fee
  4. security and usage of site: board approved new policy to try to ensure motivation of and commitment by potential associate members to using resources appropriately; also defined policy for board members’ usage (request that board members get items through co-op staff)
  5. “resource exchange:” very close to 100 items (from 15 a year ago); changed concept to encourage multiple copies of the same or similar items to enhance value to members in researching and tailoring items; deli recipe exchange launched; will be working with NCGA to use CGIN’s site to help with communication needs

Finally, the floor was opened for questions and/or comments. The following suggestions were voiced:

  1. OK to have advertising on site if that would help financially
  2. what about a separate listserve for co-op board members?
  3. members should consider adding a link on their home pages to the CGIN site
  4. how can CGAs join without it just being a duplicate payment for the same services?

When CGIN’s policy regarding usage of the site by co-op board members was questioned, a discussion ensued. A variety of opinions and suggestions were expressed, including the possibility of items of interest to board members in a separate location with a separate password or on part of CGIN’s public-access pages. The board will consider the possibilities and will see that this discussion and related considerations continue via the listserve.


On behalf of the Nominating Committee, Mary Courteau expressed her thanks to all three candidates — to the two incumbents (David Fowle and John Mullé) for their service to CGIN and to Pam Mehnert for her willingness to run for the board. The quality of these three candidates made this election a win/win for CGIN.

Bridgette Boudreau presented the results. A total of 30 ballots were received (45%) and none were invalidated. John Mullé and Pam Mehnert were elected with 23 and 21 votes respectively; David Fowle received 15 votes. The members joined the board in extending special thanks to David for his work as a member of the founding steering committee and CGIN’s first board.


There was no additional business.

Before closing the meeting, Dan Foley reminded members that the next CGIN annual meeting will be held in conjunction with next year’s CCMA conference in Boston (to be held 8-10 June).

The meeting was adjourned at 6:20 p.m.

Minutes by Karen Zimbelman

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