Annual Membership Meeting - 9 June 2005


The meeting was called to order in Albuquerque at 8:25 p.m. by Gail Graham. Gail introduced herself and the members of the CGIN board present and welcomed everyone to the meeting.


  1. The agenda was approved as presented.
  2. Minutes from the meeting of 10 June 2004 were presented.
    M/S: Grace Cox/Dan Gillotte — to approve the minutes from the 2004 CGIN annual meeting as presented. Approved with no dissenting votes.
  3. Final call for ballots.


Gail turned the meeting over to Karen Zimbelman who presented special certificates of thanks and new CGIN lanyards to members that have made contributions thus far this year to our scholarship fund (Davis Food Co-op, Brattleboro Food Co-op, Whole Foods Community Co-op (Duluth), Bloomingfoods Market and Deli, Sevananda Natural Foods, Lakewinds Natural Foods, Hanover Consumer Co-op, Outpost Natural Foods, Skagit Valley Food Co-op, Community Mercantile, and East End Food Co-op), and to members that have contributed the most items for sharing to the site thus far this year (East End Food Co-op, Hendersonville Community Co-op, Ocean Beach People’s Food Co-op, Port Townsend Food Co-op, NCGA Twin Cities chapter members, Williamson Street Grocery Co-op, Bloomingfoods Market and Deli, Community Food Co-op – Bozeman, Green Fields Market, People’s Food Co-op – Portland, Consumers Cooperative of Swarthmore, Hanover Consumer Co-op, Community Food Co-op – Bellingham, Sevananda Natural Foods, Tidal Creek Cooperative Food Market, and Mississippi Market).

Gail then made a brief board report noting that CGIN now has 134 retail co-op members and over 881 items in our basic resource library, including the newly updated Livable Wage model, as well as 422 deli recipes, and 28 different photo exhibits. Our online manual on “How to Start a Food Co-op” continues to be an important resource for start-up groups. Financially, CGIN runs as a “lean and mean” organization with a modest profit last year. CGIN’s board just held its annual planning session yesterday. Watch for some suggested site improvements such as profiles/background on contributing members (e.g. sales size, location, # employees, etc.) and ways the site can be used to support the work of NCGA member interest groups.

Finally, Gail noted that Pam Mehnert, Anne Hopkins, and Patrice Jennings are leaving the CGIN board. She thanked them for many years of service to CGIN and presented them with certificates of thanks from the board and KZ.

Gail then turned the floor over to KZ to present an operations report. KZ provided an overview of changes made to the site in the past year, especially some of the more “back end” functions on the site such as the way the index of items works and the change in the password database. The biggest change in our site in the past year was reformatting the site so that retail co-op directors now have access to the library using a dedicated board member login and password. KZ noted that this password changes each quarter and that the contact person will need to monitor the site for announcements about the new login and password. Still coming, hopefully soon, are improvements so that members can directly post their own job announcements and classified ads, and a system so that members can retrieve their passwords automatically from the system. Finally, KZ noted that the Livable Wage model has been updated and the upgraded version is now available on the site. Changes to the model are summarized in the annual meeting packet.

Finally, KZ reminded all members that passwords must be changed by the end of July and to watch the listserve for reminders. Questions from members:

  • finances (no virtual trade show revenue, what are usage fees): KZ explained that CGIN decided not to pursue the virtual trade show in 2004, so there was none of the budgeted revenue and none of the budgeted expense. Usage fees are amounts paid to CGIN for listserve subscriptions (for the specialized listserves, like the M&M listserve), items that require a charge, the Livable Wage model, and fees paid by NCGA for CGIN’s hosting of the discussion board.
  • merging CGIN with NCGA: Gail noted that the board has discussed this on a number of occasions, most recently yesterday at its planning session. At that time, the board discussed several options – merging or some sort of management contract arrangement with NCBA or NCGA versus remaining independent. At this point, the board feels it’s to CGIN’s advantage and to the advantage of the food co-op system for CGIN to remain independent. Gene Hahn from Willy Street expressed support for CGIN’s independence.
  • navigational and site improvements: more uniformity in the way members refer to similar items, making things easier to find (breaking down the index categories further, cross referencing, etc.)


Gail called on Kelly Wiseman on behalf of the Nominating Committee. Kelly thanked the three great candidates willing to contribute to the CGIN board: Dan Gillotte, Joanne Grisanti, and Jean Helms. He announced that the results are that Dan Gillotte and Jean Helms were elected to the board this year.


Members were given a chance to “pledge” to contribute items or to the scholarship fund for five of the new CGIN lanyards. Thirty-two members offered to contribute at least 5 items, 5 deli recipes, or a photo gallery exhibit, or to donate at least $25 to CGIN’s scholarship fund by the end of the year. In total, $1,945 was raised for the scholarship fund. KZ will follow up with pledgers and get lanyard to those who didn’t get as many as they wanted; watch for info on the listserve.

Gail Graham reminded members that the next CGIN annual meeting will be held in conjunction with next year’s CCMA conference at a time and location to be announced. Finally, she thanked all members for their support and for attending this year’s meeting.

Motion: to adjourn the meeting. The meeting was adjourned at 9:10 p.m.

Minutes by Karen Zimbelman


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