Annual Membership Meeting - 8 June 2006


The meeting was called to order in Atlanta at 7:10 p.m. by Gail Graham. Gail introduced herself and the members of the CGIN board present and welcomed everyone to the meeting.


  1. The agenda was approved as presented.
  2. Minutes from the meeting of 9 June 20054 were presented.
    M/S: David Fowle/Patly Clarey-Sage – to approve the minutes from the 2005 CGIN annual meeting as presented. Approved with no dissenting votes.
  3. Final call for ballots.


Gail turned the meeting over to Karen Zimbelman who presented special certificates of thanks and new CGIN lanyards to members that have made contributions thus far this year to our scholarship fund: Blue Hill Co-op, Brattleboro Food Co-op, Common Market, Community Food Co-op in Bellingham, Davis Food Co-op, East End Food Co-op, Hanover consumer Co-op, Lakewinds Natural Foods, Newark Natural Foods, Outpost Natural Foods, Ozark Natural Foods, Sevananda Cooperative, Seward Co-op, Ukiah Natural Foods & the Wedge Community Co-op. Each contributor received a certificate and a bundle of luggage tags.

Gail made a brief board report. She noted that CGIN continues to have strong support from food co-ops with 135 members and that 24% of CGIN’s members are not NCGA members for various reasons. CGIN crossed the 1,000 item mark at the beginning of the year and now has over 1,100 items in its basic resource library. Gail noted that CGIN continues to operate with good impact on an annual budget of about $40,000 budget.

The CGIN board, with board candidates, just met for an in-person strategic planning session. Stas’ Kazmierski from ZingTrain facilitated the session and helped lead a discussion on CGIN’s future. Based on these discussions, the board modified CGIN’s mission statement:

“To strengthen all retail food cooperatives by creating community and facilitating the sharing and development of resources among members.”

The board felt the need to incorporate community into the mission statement due to the response of member feedback that CGIN creates a virtual co-op community.

Finally, Gail announced that the CGIN board wants to thank Kelly Wiseman for his service on the CGIN board. The board has a certificate in appreciation for Kelly that will be sent to him. Gail then turned the floor over to KZ to present an operations report.

Gail then turned the floor over to KZ to present an operations report. KZ provided an overview of changes made to the site in the past year:

  • Added specialized listserve for HR managers
  • Upgrading listserve software – M&M and HR lists completed; will be converting the CGIN-list soon
  • Major upgrade to Co-op Livable Wage Model – changes summarized on handout in packet
  • Added password retrieval process
  • Set up online job postings functionality, along with e-mail notification service for new job listings
  • Refined organization of materials in basic resource library with more sub-topic areas – so that items are easier to find.
  • Added contributor profiles

In terms of projects and challenges for the future, KZ isn’t entirely happy with the way the search function works on the site and would like to see what improvements we could make to that. Members suggested the addition of a co-op joke section to the site.


Gail thanked Doug Walter and Dan Gillotte for serving on the Nominating Committee this past year. She also thanked Deirdrie Lang, John Eichholz, and Cindee Lolik for their willingness to serve on the CGIN board and for participating in CGIN’s planning session on Wednesday. Dan and Doug announced that the results of the board election are that Deirdrie Lang and John Eichholz were elected to serve on the board.


Members were given a chance to “pledge” to contribute items or to the scholarship fund for 10 of the new CGIN luggage tags. Thirty members offered to contribute at least 5 items, 10 deli recipes, or one photo gallery exhibit, or to donate $25 to CGIN’s scholarship fund by the end of the year.

Gail thanked all for attending and passed on a quote from a member: “CGIN is like CCMA everyday.” She also reminded members that the board is creating a new vision for CGIN’s future and will be seeking member input. CGIN’s next annual meeting will be held in conjunction with next year’s CCMA conference at a time and location to be announced.

Motion: Doug Walter – to adjourn the meeting. The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 p.m.

Minutes by Bella Waters


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