Annual Membership Meeting - 14 June 2007


Meeting was called to order in La Crosse at 10:02am

Gail Graham welcomed members to the 10th annual meeting and called for last ballots. Gail introduced the board members and Robynn Shrader from NCGA.

Agenda review and announcements:

Minutes from last year Nancy moved, Sharon second, approved

Seward, Hanover, Rainbow, Park Slope, Sevananda, Davis, Willimantic, Blooming Food, Duck Soup Quincy Brattleboro, Silver City and Grain Train were all recognized for their contributions.


Gail gave a review of the state of CGIN. A small profit has been made as well as great strides in the level of communication between the stores. There has been a great effort to move forward with technological improvements that will attract more members and contribute to the quality of the services provided.

NCGA was chosen to take over management of CGIN effective June 1st, 2007.

The strategic planning session of the board yesterday touched on how the transfer to NCGA will take place.

Karen discussed the “next phase” website for CGIN and how this will improve the member experience. There has been a good increase in site usage. Karen compared the business plan from the inception of CGIN to where it stands now. There are two co-ops currently being considered for CGIN membership. Both are start up stores.

Dan and John presented the election results. The three uncontested incumbent members on the ballot will continue on the board: Gail, Steve and Doug. Jean Helms resigned from the board this year. She was thanked for her service to the board. A new board member will be appointed for the coming year.

Gail asked for questions:

  • Will CGIN retain its own board with the NCGA management? Yes it will.
  • Can non-GMs be on the board? Yes
  • Are the CGIN members who did not renew still in business? Some did.
  • Has member satisfaction survey been done? This is done annually.

Memory sticks were handed out to every member as a thank you from CGIN. Additional sticks can be obtained through pledges.

Karen was thanked for her 10 years of service to CGIN.

Meeting concluded at 10:43am

Minutes by Tim Barnes


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