Annual Membership Meeting - 11 June 2009


The meeting was called to order at 7:37 p.m. by Dan Gillotte. Dan introduced himself, the members of theCGIN board and welcomed everyone to the 12th Annual Meeting of CGIN. He publically acknowledges that the CGIN board is very satisfied with the contract agreement with NCGA. He also thanked Karina Giordano from Concord Cooperative Market for designing the Ask Cooper avatar.

1. The agenda was approved as presented.
2.Minutes from the meeting of 12 June 2008 were presented. 
M/S: to approve the minutes from the 2008 CGIN annual meeting as presented. Approved with no dissenting votes.
3. Dan thanked Gail and Doug for conducting the election and they would be announcing the results later in the meeting. 
4. Hanover Consumer Co-op and Davis Food Co-op were presented with special certificates of appreciation and chocolate for their contribution to the scholarship fund. Jane Harter and Peg Nolan were presented with special certificates and chocolate for their volunteer work as gatekeepers for the Human Resource and Membership and Marketing listserves.

The meeting then moved into Speedy CGIN Jeopardy, with Dan as the host. Each round table was a team and it was explained that the answers to the Jeopardy questions could be found in the 2008 Year in Review Newsletter. The cooperators got competitive as they answered 10 questions related to CGINnumbers and services. The winning table received Equal Exchange chocolate bars.

CGIN members were given the opportunity to receive Equal Exchange chocolate bars by pledging to send in five library items, ten deli recipes, three photo galleries or CoopTube videos or contributing $25 to the scholarship fund.

Dan thanked Gail and Doug for serving as the Nominating Committee. Gail and Doug announced they were pleased to have three candidates for two seats and that the two incumbents – Deirdrie Lang and John Eichholz were reelected for another term. Gail further encouraged members to run for the board next year.

The tables, which were organized by listserve, were then asked to discuss two questions: 
1) What can CGIN do to help you/your co-op in terms of how we operate now?
2) What can CGIN do to help you/your co-op in terms of where you want to be in 3-5 years?
CGIN board members visited with the tables and then shared a couple ideas that were discussed at the table. All ideas captured will be posted to the CGIN site. Dan also announced that CGIN will be offering an Operations Listserve for General Managers or designated staff in response to questions and issues raised during the Basic Listserve Survey. Also, Ask Cooper is up and running. Ask Cooper will allowCGIN members to create surveys for each other to respond to.

Questions asked:
• Is there a cost with the Operation listserve – yes, $30/year/address

Dan thanked all for attending and that their support of CGIN by being members and willing to participate in the meeting makes CGIN strong. If anyone is interested in learning about Ask Cooper, Bella is happy to demonstrate the system after the meeting. He then reminded attendees that dessert is available next door.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:29 p.m.

Minutes by Bella Waters

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