2013 06-13 Annual Meeting Minutes

 CGN Annual Meeting - Minutes

Austin, TX: June 6, 2013 – 6p

 Members represented:

Davis, Swarthmore ,Wheatsville, Ashland, La Montanita, Bloomingfoods, Friendly City, Hanover, Seward,

Brattleboro, Common Ground, Franklin Community, Good Foods, Kootenay Country, Mississippi Market,

Rainbow Natural, Hanover

1. Quorum reached; Agenda approved.

2. 2012 Meeting minutes:

Motion to accept by Steve Cooke, seconded by Deirdrie Lang; Passed unanimously.

3. Approve Election results approved.

• Elected: Annie Hoy, Eric Struve, Doug Walter

• also ran: Marc BrownGold

4. President’s report by Ben Nauman.

5. Executive director’s report.

• Dan Nordley, ed, reviewed the CGN site using various examples such as posting a job opening,

and connecting resources to wikis. Strong need now for members to add board and staff, and

encourage them to create profiles. Discussion Groups will be launched later this year.

Development has been going much slower than anticipated and patience has been appreciated.

6. Gail Graham moved to adjourn the meeting. Passed unanimously.

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