Annual Report 2008

In lieu of an Annual Report, CGIN designed a newsletter in 2008 to update our members of the various new services that were rolled out in 2008:

“Enhanced services for members.” That phrase sums up CGIN’s 2008 progress. 

A common theme echoed in our annual member survey is that time is at a premium.  Members simply do not have enough time to fully take advantage of the value-added resources available on CGIN.  As we continue to add new services, time will also play a factor in how those services are used. 

The purpose of this newsletter is to review new CGIN services and how they can save you time.

Please keep this newsletter as a reference. 

And, to ensure CGIN members are getting the most out of their membership, we’ll be hosting quarterly Webinar tours of the CGI N site. Stay tuned for more information on that front.

The CGIN board and staff are appreciative of the support you and other CGIN members have provided to make CGIN the valuable resource it is in its 11th year of supporting food cooperatives.

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Created date: September 24, 2012
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