Board of Directors Meeting - 10 June 2005

PRESENT: Steve Cooke, Gail Graham, Dan Gillotte, Jean Helms, Doug Walter, Kelly Wiseman, and Karen Zimbelman.


  • The meeting was called to order at 5:20 p.m. by Gail Graham.
  • The agenda was approved as presented.
  • Minutes of the meeting of 10 May 2005:

M/S: Doug/Kelly: approve the minutes as presented. Approved unanimously.

  • Review of task list from May meeting: Items completed: prepare for planning session and annual meeting, invite Paul Hazen to planning session. Items not completed: set up Content Advisory Committee gathering and other open or late-year deadline items. KZ will set up a conference call for the Content Advisory Committee and consider setting up different advisory committees on different topics: supporting with interest groups, working on store/contributor profiles; services/access for board members, “other models” and related businesses.


4. Welcome to Dan and Jean: The board welcomed Dan and Jean. KZ will send background materials via e-mail including most recent minutes, board meeting packets, copy of KZ’s contract, current budget, and updated policies and follow-up with a check-in call.
5. Officers: The following directors were elected as officers of the CGIN board for 2005-2006.

  • President Gail Graham
  • Treasurer Steve Cooke (will also serve as second account signer)
  • Secretary Dan Gillotte

M/S: Doug/Kelly: approve the above as CGIN officers. Approved unanimously.
6. Filling board vacancy: The board discussed the vacancy created by Patrice’s resignation and identified the following priorities for candidates to fill this vacancy: co-op located in the east or Northeast, someone likely to be at CCMA regularly, from a co-op that is not presently a member of the NCGA, and a woman. The board discussed potential candidates; everyone will approach those they know or others who may meet these criteria and the Nominating Committee will have a recommendation for the board by the time of the September meeting.
7. Account signers:
M/S: Approve the “certification of board action” to authorize Karen Zimbelman and Steve Cooke as the account signers on the accounts of CGIN at Coast Central Credit Union (account # 88123). Approved unanimously.
8. appointments:

  • director emeritus: The board expressed its appreciation to Dan Foley for his service to CGIN as a director emeritus for the past two years. The board didn’t appointment any additional emeritus directors at this point.
  • committees: The following directors were appointed to the board’s committees:
  • Nominating Doug and Dan
  • NB: Directors with terms expiring in 2006 are Kelly and the vacant seat left by Patrice’s resignation.
  • Membership chair: Jean

The Membership Committee will be the board as a whole and will consider matters related to CGIN’s membership policies as needed.
9. updates to board roster: KZ will update the listing of board members and ask for corrections.
10. recommendations from 2004-2005 Nominating Committee:

  • make sure all candidates go through screening process and are subject to the same review; work a little farther in advance to avoid “rush” nominations at the last minute
  • consider recruiting non-NCGA members (KZ will prepare list in January 2006)
  • include photos with statements; post candidate background, ballot, etc. online


1. Schedule 2005-2006 board meetings: The board established the following schedule:
12 September 2005
19 December 2005
6 March 2006
8 May 2006
7 June (Wednesday) — strategic planning session
8 June (Thursday) — annual meeting
9 June (Friday) — board re-organization meeting (in person)

Conference calls will be held at 12 Central time (10 Pacific, 1 Eastern, 11 Mountain). At this point, the board doesn’t feel a need to schedule other in-person meetings.

2. Discussion/follow-up from strategic planning session. The board heard a report from those who attended the NCGA board meeting about the draft NCGA-NCBA memorandum of understanding and how CGIN may be addressed in that agreement. KZ will check in with Paul Hazen and express the board’s interest in being involved in relevant parts of the discussions. Kelly and Steve will also mention the CGIN board’s interest to Holly and Ruffin.

3. Discussion/follow-up from annual meeting: The board agreed that the meeting was fun and the lanyards were popular gifts. For future years, consider: drinks (?), allowing people to bring food into room, larger room with tables, alternate order of meetings with NCGA (CGIN first in 2006 [prefer to go first where possible]). Gift ideas for next year – none suggested at this time.


Next meeting: 12 September by conference call at 12:00 noon CDT.

Meeting adjourned at 6:20 p.m.

Minutes by Karen Zimbelman

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