Board of Directors Meeting - 12 June 2009

PRESENT: Steve Cooke, Dan Gillotte, Gail Graham, Alysen Land, Deirdrie Lang, Doug Walter and Karen Zimbelman.


ABSENT: John Eichholz

1. The meeting was called to order at 5:33 p.m. by Dan Gillotte.
2. The agenda was approved as presented.
3. Minutes of the meeting of 11 May 2009
M/S: Doug/Alysen: approve the minutes as presented. Approved unanimously.

1. Welcome to new directors: no new directors
2. Officers: the board will stick with the same officers for 2009-2010. Approved by acclamation.

  • President Dan Gillotte
  • Treasurer Steve Cooke (will also serve as second account signer)
  • Secretary Doug Walter

M/S: approve the above as CGIN officers. Approved unanimously.

3. Committee appointments:
The following directors were appointed to the board’s committees:
Nominating: John, Alysen and Deirdrie. It was suggested that the Nominating Committee contact Travis Hance from Syracuse as a potential candidate in 2010. Directors with terms expiring in 2010 are Steve, Gail and Doug. Gail noted that she might not run for another term.
The Membership Committee will be the board as a whole and will consider matters related to CGIN’s membership policies as needed.
4. Board roster. Bella will update the board roster.

1. Schedule 2009-2010 board meetings: The board will meet on 17 August 2009 and will set the rest of the schedule for 2009-2010.
2. Executive session. The board met in executive session prior to the Strategic Planning Session on June 10th and it was decided that KZ will continue to be an emeritus director.
3. Discussion/follow-up from annual meeting. The board felt the annual meeting went very well, with a good recovery on the tie vote. It was determined that members can either vote electronically or by paper ballot at the Annual Meeting so there’s no need to amend the bylaws. The questions asked of the listserve took longer than anticipated but the board was impressed with the totality of ideas gleamed from that discussion. Bella will type up the notes and post on the CGIN site. It was suggested that the questions should be rephrased for next year. Jeopardy was a hit. It was estimated that 50 people attended.
4. Other business: Alysen voiced a concern at missing the in person meeting due to the NCGA board meeting and asked if the CGIN board was comfortable with her missing next year’s meeting in the event she’s elected to the NCGA board. The CGIN board responded by saying it’s Alysen’s choice to continue and they feel she is a good asset to the board, regardless of being unable to attend the in person meeting. The board would like to discuss the Operation Listserve in further detail during the August call. Dan and Deirdrie volunteered to be gatekeepers for the listserve and it was suggested the list be closed to only the General Manager or Operation staff; no contractors or appeal process. Thanks to Deirdrie for bringing chocolate truffles.

Next meeting: 17 August by conference call at 12:00 noon Central.

Minutes by Bella Waters

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