Board of Directors Meeting - 14 December 2009

PRESENT: Steve Cooke, Dan Gillotte, Gail Graham, Alysen Land, Deirdrie Lang, Doug Walter and Karen Zimbelman
ABSENT: John Eichholz
STAFF: Paula Gilbertson and Bella Waters

1. The meeting was called to order at 10:07 a.m. (PDT) by Gail Graham
2. The agenda was approved
3. Minutes of the meeting of 19 Oct 2009:
M/S: Doug/Deirdrie: approve the minutes. Approved unanimously.

Operations report. The board reviewed the operations report briefly. Specific items discussed:

  • Task list review: Dan met with Robynn to discuss CGIN’s relationship with Cooperative Grocer and CCMA. At this point the issue with Cooperative Grocers has been dropped, though there might be value in collaborating on website expenses.
  • Membership and membership renewal: the board approved Northwest Cooperative Development Center and Cooperative Fund of New England as associate members. Due to the limited number of potential CGIN members and busyness of board members, there’s no interest in creating an Outreach Committee. We’ll focus on member linkage and the creation of an electronic membership benefit brochure.
  • Web content and services: IT department assures they will have the downloadable member profile data complete by the end of December. Bella will follow up with Walden on his suggestion of transferring CoCo lists to CGIN and determine why he’d like to move the lists. The board would like to see the true costs of supporting the current listserves.
  • 2010 NCGA management fee: the board supports authorizing the current increase in contract rate and running 2010 at a deficit and using reserves to do so. However, the increase notification was late in being sent and the board requests that NCGA transparently present the costs by the March meeting. Will also need to know increases prior to the strategic planning session so the conversation of CGIN’s sustainability can be held then.

Workplan will stay as planned. The proposed budget wasn’t included in the packet so the board will provide feedback via e-mail over the week with a deadline of support by Friday, 18 December.


  • Membership for start-ups: Debbie at the Indiana Cooperative Development Center asked that the board revisit the policies on associate members sharing CGIN materials. The board supports the current policies and feels that there are adequate resources currently available to start-ups.
  • Board report for newsletter: Thanks to Doug for working on this. Bella corrected Rachael Ray’s name.

Next meeting: 15 March 2010 at 10:00 am Pacific.

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