Board of Directors Meeting - 11 June 2010

PRESENT: Dan Gillotte, Travis Hance, Jane Harter, Alysen Land, Deirdrie Lang, and Doug Walter.

STAFF PRESENT: Bella Waters and Paula Gilbertson

ABSENT: John Eichholz

1. The meeting was called to order at 5:35 p.m. by Dan Gillotte.
2. The agenda was approved as presented.
3. Minutes of the meeting of 14 May 2010
M/S: Alysen/Deirdrie: approve the minutes as presented. Approved unanimously.
4. The May meeting task list was reviewed (see task list at end of minutes)

1. Welcome to new directors: welcomed Travis and Jane. Both received new board packets and we’ll organize an online orientation during the fourth week of June.
2. Officers: one new officer was appointed. Vice President is not a required office, however, Deirdrie will facilitate the meetings when the president is not available. Approved by acclamation.

  • President Dan Gillotte
  • Treasurer John Eichholz (will also serve as second account signer)
  • Secretary Doug Walter

M/S: Doug/Alysen approve the above as CGIN officers. Approved unanimously.

3. Committee appointments:
The following directors were appointed to the board’s committees:

  • Nominating: Travis and Alysen. Directors with terms expiring in 2011 are Alysen and Dan. Alysen will not be running for another term.
  • The Membership Committee will be the board as a whole and will consider matters related to CGIN’s membership policies as needed.
  • Contract Language Committee: Dan, Doug, Jane and Bella will work on drafting a new NCGA-CGIN contract.
    4. Board roster. Bella will update the board roster.

1. Schedule 2010-2011 board meetings: The board will set the rest of the meeting schedule via Meeting Wizard.
2. Executive session. The board met in executive session after to the Strategic Planning Session on June 9th.
3. Discussion/follow-up from annual meeting. The board engaged in a list of likes/changes:

Like: Photo of board, voting interest, friendly competition, give to organizations and listing the total monies that will be donated.

Change: Start planning the meeting earlier, more pens and copy of candidates statements for voting, incorporate multimedia component to the meeting, spend more time discussing the outcome of the Strategic Planning Session. Have a CGIN session or tract at CCMA to discuss how to use CGIN.

4. Follow-up/actions from strategic planning session. The board created a management contract committee and discussed ways to recognize the departing emeritus director. KZ has requested no public display of appreciation; the board will send her flowers.

Next meeting: date TBD, time will remain at 12:00 noon Central.

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