Fukushima Radiation Reaches U.S. Food Supply

The devastating effects of the core fuel meltdown in at least three nuclear reactors at Japan’s Fukushima site are not limited to the immediate region – where many will suffer from its radiation, and where many thousands more will never be able to return to their homes and farms. The toxic dispersion of radioactive elements continues day by day, despite delays in reporting and denial by the power company TEPCO and the Japanese government. That dispersion is now being detected in fruit and vegetables and milk in the U.S. The situation is NOT under control. The Japanese do not know when the radioactive leaks into the atmosphere and ocean can be stopped – the current estimate is 6-9 more months at minimum, perhaps much longer. As outrageous as that is, the near silence by mainstream sources and the ongoing coverup of the dangers is equally outrageous. After all, we wouldn’t want to cause panic. But how about when alarm is completely justified? “A disturbing silence.” That’s what I see in the mainstream media and what natural/organic industry editor Steve Hoffman describes in a commentary at www.compassnaturalmarketing.com/blog. His June 1 blog offers a thorough presentation of the facts of the situation and provides numerous links to sources. You can learn about how it took the Japanese over two months to report reactor meltdown. You can also learn how even now there is widespread denial about the spread of radioactivity to the U.S. Nuclear power is safe – until it isn’t.

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