The Assault on Organics

An excellent report, "The Assault on Organics," appears in the current issue of Sound Consumerfrom PCC Natural Markets, the Seattle-based consumer co-op: This article is highly recommended for co-ops and other providers of organic products and organic education.  It provides links to research showing benefits of organic food as well as links to reports on who is behind the often less-than-reliable references and sponsors behind attacks on claims for organic food. 

This counter-attack on organics is sustained and well-funded, and it reaches most of the public through the usual mainstream channels. Organic food production and sales continue to grow very strongly, and competition among grocery retailers is getting stronger.  These trends in organics also are leading to more attacks by agricultural, pharmaceutical, and financial interests that are threatened by trends away from a petrochemically-dependent and corporate-controlled food system.  Education of public and member-owners continues to be a key challenge and cooperative principle.

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