Canada's Impressive Co-operative Sector

Canada’s co-ops certainly are leaders in North American cooperative circles. One-third of all its citizens are members of one of Canada’s credit unions. Canada’s 9,000 co-ops dot the landscape from the Atlantic to the Pacific and among the far North native communities; international cooperative development is strongly supported also. There is a very broad variety of agricultural co-ops, consumer co-ops, worker co-ops, and more. On May 15 the Toronto “Globe and Mail” published an 8-page special section on Canadian cooperatives, providing an impressive summary. Where I learned of this report, and where a link to it can be found, is in “On Co-op News,” the newsletter of the Ontario Co-operative Association (, which has a well-designed and informative website. Free email subscriptions to “On Co-op News” newsletter are available – visit the website, or send a request to [email protected] with “SUBSCRIBE NEWSLETTER” in the subject line.

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