CCMA 2007: La Crosse, Wisc.


We came to La Crosse looking for the Red Queen and her fabled race. Our long-shot entry called Co-op was primed and we put $50,000 bucks on her.

We soon discovered it would be a long race, this was Wisconsin, not Kentucky, after all. And as the good folk at Organic Valley good naturedly explained, cows churn out the stuff to make butter pretty well, but it takes lots of coaxing and churning. So we exalted her with shouts of Go Co-op! Go Co-op! Do the right thing! Bring your mama!

And, while the race was on, we had plenty of time to learn and laugh, honor our heroes, and bowl for Bowers. Next year, we will take our time to smell the roses in Portland. It will be sweet. See you there.

Cooperative Award Winners

Cooperative Milestones:
Founded 1932: Hyde Park Co-op Society (Co-op Markets, Chicago)
Founded 1977: East End Food Co-op (Pittsburgh, Penn.)
Oceana Natural Foods Co-op (Newport, Ore.)
Olympia Food Co-op (Olympia, Wash.)

Cooperative Service: Kris Nelson
Kris recently left her position as general manager at Lakewinds Natural Foods after 18 years of leadership at that store and in the Minnesota and national food cooperative community.

Retail Excellence: Ozark Natural Foods, Fayetteville, AR
ONF, led by Alysen W. Land and the co-op’s management team, continues to thrive and record outstanding sales growth and productivity measures.

Honored Cooperator: Dave Gutknecht
Writing and editing and agitating for 40 years in one cause or another.
Each of these honorees plans to continue building cooperative enterprise!


Dan Nordley is publisher of Cooperative Grocer and Chief Park Ranger at Triangle Park Creative ([email protected]).

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