Clifton Market Has Opening Date

New Co-op in Cincinnati Set to Open January 27, 2017

The Clifton Co-op Market initiative will turn three years old in March, but it won’t be much longer before the store itself comes to fruition.

The grocery store will celebrate its grand opening in the former Keller’s IGA space at 319 Ludlow Ave. Jan. 26-28.

The space was abuzz on Wednesday morning with shelves being stocked, employees being trained and equipment being tested. The store will undergo several more inspections before its grand opening celebration begins. Its deli, juicery, bakery, sushi bar, growler bar and more await, shiny and nearly ready for customers. To take a look inside, click on the images above.

The market has 1,500 shareholders now, and co-op board member and director of marketing Marilyn Hyland said she expects that number to reach 2,000 at some point this year. Shares will continue to be available to anyone interested and the store is open to anyone who wants to shop there, not only those who own a stake in it.

In addition to funds raised by shareholders and loans that they provided, the market was made possible by a $1.88 million loan for real estate and another $1.1 million loan for equipment from National Cooperative Bank, funding from Shared Capital Cooperative and a 12-year tax exemption from the city of Cincinnati.

Customers who enter the market will walk first into the Busy Bee Cafe, which was named for a restaurant that used to be open across the street. They’ll then approach the produce section and a bakery along with the market’s juice bar. As they walk along the left side of the space, a salad bar and homemade prepared foods will be stocked along with the organic sushi bar and the deli. On the other side of the store is the bulk foods section along with the Brewery District, which is based on a partnership with the Over-the-Rhine area of the same name. That section will feature local craft beer along with a growler fill station.

Once the store is up and running, Hyland said top-tier technology will be installed. That’s likely to happen around the group’s third anniversary celebration this spring and complement services provided by the market’s 81 workers.

First, though, the store will celebrate its opening with a kids treasure hunt on Jan. 26 followed by the Black Tie to Blue Jeans Gala from 6-10 p.m. on Jan. 27 and a parade on Jan. 28 followed by the store’s official ribbon cutting ceremony.

“We’re cutting caution tape because we’ve seen enough of it,” Hyland joked.

Following the store’s opening, Hyland expects the market to continue to host live music and special events including nutrition and fitness classes, beer and wine tastings, and more on a regular basis.

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