Co-op Publications Newly Available in Spanish

Two widely used co-op education publications from the USDA are newly available in Spanish, thanks to the Cooperative Development Foundation and a grant from CHS Foundation:  "How to Start a Co-op" and "Co-ops 101."  They were announced in late July by the Cooperative Development Foundation: Other publications in Spanish will follow these two, with the choices based on the recommendations of cooperative developers and educators who are working with Spanish-speaking populations. 

The new publications will be used in the U.S. as well as in Spanish-language communities in Mexico, the Caribbean, and Latin America where USDA works to promote cooperatives.  USDA's Cooperative Programs, within Rural Development's Rural Business-Cooperative Service, is a major source for cooperative information, statistics, and research. The agency provides many publications, reports, statistical analyses, and educational materials for cooperatives and those interested in cooperatives.

These publications and many others are available without charge from the USDA website:  The translations were done by the Caracol Language Cooperative, a worker cooperative in New York City, which can be reached on Facebook:  More information on CHS Foundation may be found at:

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