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One of many big changes for CGIN
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To the delight of the almost seventy people attending the Cooperative Grocers’ Information Network annual meeting at CCMA in Philadelphia in June 2012, it was announced that the National Cooperative Grocers Association had gifted the award winning Cooperative Grocer magazine and website to CGIN, an educational trade association for food co-ops started in 1997.

CGN exhibit panels showing transfer of Cooperative Grocer magazine to CGIN

The transfer was the highlight of plans for a complete reset of CGIN, including changing its name to Cooperative Grocer Network, or CGN. Because, as is widely known, there is no “I” in co-op.

Dan Nordley, CGN’s Executive Director and coincidental publisher of Cooperative Grocer, presented CGN’s new PLAN and said the goal is to create a more human resource where food cooperators experience the energy, community, and learning of a CCMA conference. In fact, it is adopting the motto of CCMA Every Day! Where Cooperators can meet, network, learn, and together, make our food co-op sector stronger.

CGN will take root over the next several months in the current Cooperative Grocer website. Highlights of the plan are:

Facilitate better collaboration and curating of resources

  • Convert listserves to a LinkedIn-style platform where users have viewable profiles (and personalities!) and can share and connect with other cooperators individually or in Groups -- either established (present listserve communities) or organic (ad hoc).
  • Develop systems and positions that enable better curating of archival and emerging content. This will be done primarily by recruiting people to serve as Group Leaders and Reference Librarians. These positions need to be compensated as resources can be raised and permit.
  • Reorganize content into a library of wikis that evolve with current thought about a subject and vet outdated material. This is a community project that will take many years.
  • Develop stronger relationships with strategic partners, such as CDS consultants, FCI, NCGA,
  • NCBA, and CCMA to actively provide content and lend expertise to our community.

Nordley indicated his staff at Triangle Park Creative hopes to have the new site up in time for Co-op Month in October, 2012 the International Year of the Co-op.

More information will be coming out during the summer.

NCGA was well-praised and thanked for its cooperative spirit in joyfully transferring the magazine to CGIN.


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