First Alternative, Second Store


From #109, November-December 2003

First Alternative, Second Store

First Alternative main store
The main store
First Alternative North Store
The new north store at its grand opening
Produce at First Alternative main store
The produce department of the main store
FA stats chart

In its small market in western Oregon, First Alternative opened a second store May 1, 2003. The new store has 4,000 square feet in retail and 6,000 square feet total, while the main store has 7,000 square feet in retail plus a total of 9,000 square feet in two buildings for receiving, kitchen, backstock, offices, etc.

Grand Opening events were held in late September. As anticipated, the new store "cannibalized" sales at the old store, yet total sales growth showed continued strong growth.

The new store, located in an established neighborhood, appears to be meeting convenience needs and is seeing high customer counts, low average transactions, and large sales of lower margin items.


Thanks for assistance from Dana, Michelle, and Sonya at First Alternative.-ed.


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