Food Co-op Initiative Announces New FCI Guide to Starting a Food Co-op

Food Co-op Initiative is thrilled to announce its all-new Guide to Starting a Food Co-op. Built on ten years of experience supporting and observing Third Wave food co-ops, this new Guide incorporates the best ideas and most successful approaches communities are using to organize startup food co-ops. Every year, food co-ops face stronger competition and higher startup costs, yet they are still able to open vibrant, successful stores. This Guide is intended to help organizers understand both the depth and breadth of their undertaking, what makes for a successful startup, and how to find the support they will need during their co-op's development.

Covering everything from the first community discussions to the store opening, the guide is structured to help co-op organizers stay on track and fully understand the critical stages and cornerstones of development. The Guide is available as a free download from the Food Co-op Initiative website, thanks to the generous support of the USDA Rural Cooperative Development program, the National Cooperative Bank, the Blooming Prairie Foundation, the Cooperative Foundation, and food co-ops and their members around the country.  

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