Hanover Co-op Celebrates Its 75th Anniversary!

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Picture of Hanover's old store front.
Picture of Hanover's old store front.

Seventy-five years ago—a general meeting was held in the library of the Hanover, New Hampshire, High School at 7:30 p.m., January 6, 1936, for the purpose of organizing a consumers’ club.

About thirty members of the community were present. It was voted to organize a local cooperative buyers group. It was then voted to call the local club the Hanover Consumers Club.

A motion was passed to fix the initial fee at one dollar per family, and the quarterly dues at seventy-five cents per family.

There followed a long discussion, during which it was made plain that the purpose of the organization was primarily to afford members an opportunity of buying commodities of approved quality at the most advantageous prices obtainable, with every effort being made to avoid local strife and unnecessary price wars. It was announced that the policy of the Club would be to deal with local merchants and distributors as far as practicable.

~Excerpt above from Hanover Consumers Club minutes, January 6, 1936.

Now, in 2011, with over 28,000 member-owners, the Hanover Consumer Cooperative Society, Inc., strives to hold true to its founding mission. Member or not, everyone is welcome at the Co-op Food Stores, Co-op Market, and Auto Service Center. For 75 years, the Hanover Co-op has adhered to the principles of cooperation for the purpose of benefiting members, customers, and the greater community good. Learn more about the Hanover Co-op's history at www.coopfoodstore.coop/about/history.

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