International Cooperative Alliance Publishes Cooperative Principles Guidance Notes

The ICA has published Guidance Notes to the International Cooperative Values and Principles, as part of its stewardship of the Statement on the Co-operative Identity. 

From the introduction by Dame Pauline Green:

"The International Co-operative Alliance is the global steward of the Statement on the Co-operative Identity – the Values and Principles of the co-operative movement – and is responsible for ensuring that the seven Principles that underpin co-operative enterprise can be appropriately interpreted. 
In that context, this document is long overdue. In recent years, much to the delight of co-operators, the Principles have gained in recognition and acknowledgement around the world. They are now quoted in public policy documents, United Nations and International Labour Organisation texts, and are appended or integral to national legislation in many countries. When in 2011 the Americas Region of the Alliance proposed that consideration be given to amending the 7th Principle, the impact this would have globally became plain to see."
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