Just Label It and the GMO Labeling Law

How to Make Your Voice Heard

There is now opportunity to recommend how USDA should implement the 2016 law requiring a system for labeling GMO (genetically modifed organisms). In late June 2017 the USDA called for comments from the public and food companies. The Just Label It office—heading a coalition of over 700 organizations, including National Co+op Grocers —is encouraging its members to offer comments. Note that in early August, the USDA extended the comment period through August 25.

Just Label It chairman Gary Hirshberg states, "All of us want to know what we're feeding our families, and we expect that all GMOs—including GMO sugars and oils—will be covered by the new rules as part of the GMO disclosure law passed by Congress. We also expect to get ingredient-by-ingredient disclosures, just like consumers in other countries get, and that any digital options will work for all customer—including people who don't have smartphones."

In mid-July, Just Label It sent USDA Sec. Perdue a very lengthy comment; co-op campaigners and media contacts can request a copy from Just Label It. Find other resources and updates about this issue, too. 

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