New Study Highlights Impact of Food Co-ops

A fascinating and detailed look at the impact of food co-ops has just been released by the National Cooperative Grocers Association (NCGA). Available as a pdf, this 21-page report compares co-op and conventional food retailers in several areas:

  • supporting local food systems;
  • employment and job quality;
  • economic impact;
  • environmental stewardship;
  • promoting healthy and sustainable foods.

In each of these areas, food co-ops provide impressive measures by comparison with conventional retailers. Food co-op data in the study is based on the NCGA membership, which totals 165 stores with $1.4 billion in sales and 1.3 million member-owners.

The NCGA report was researched with the help of ICA Group, a national, nonprofit consultancy. “Healthy Foods, Healthy Communities: Measuring the Social and Economic Impact of Food Co-ops” was based on numerous data sources, which are listed at the end of the study with links to those sources.

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