Pinchot University Offers New Certificate in Cooperative Management

SEATTLE, Washington: Pinchot University will offer a new Certificate in Cooperative Management beginning in January of 2016.

This program offers learners a deep-dive into the world of cooperative management, exploring the unique characteristics, challenges and opportunities of the cooperative sector.

The cooperative business model is budding in the US and well represented worldwide. In the US there are 29,284 cooperatives operating within a range of diverse industries including banking (credit unions), agriculture, utilities, and child care with revenues totaling $653 billion. Worldwide, cooperatives generate partial or full-time employment for at least 250 million people, and make up 12% of the entire employed population of the G20 countries. The 2,000 co-operatives in the 65 countries surveyed by the World Cooperative Monitor revenues totals 2.6 trillion USD.

Similar to the Pinchot Certificate in Sustainable Energy Solutions, the Certificate in Cooperative Management will be offered in a low-residency format, by which learners will participate in monthly in-person classes as well as weekly distance learning sessions. Each in-person session will be held at Pinchot University’s Metro Campus at 220 & Change in the Pioneer Square neighborhood of Seattle, WA.

The 12-credit program may be taken as a professional development offering, a for-credit certificate, or as part of one of the Pinchot MBA programs.

Click HERE or email [email protected] to learn more.

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